Bayernwerk: New customer service with e-coil

Premiere in Freising

A new technology is installed in the yellow-painted Bayernwerk trailer, which has now premiered on behalf of the Freisinger Stadtwerke. The mobile e-coil was used for around two weeks in two substations of the municipal network operator in order to be able to carry out the necessary maintenance and control work on the existing system.

“The premiere of our newly offered customer service in Freising was successful. With the help of our mobile e-coil, the customer’s regional distribution network can be secured against failure-related failures without restriction during the regular inspection of their own technology and the quality in network operation can be ensured through replacement compensation, “explains project manager Norbert Welz from Bayernwerk Netz.

Trouble-free continued operation

Modern 20,000-volt medium-voltage networks are mostly operated in a compensated manner. This type of network enables the customer to continue operating without any problems in the event of simple network faults, for example caused by storms or disturbing objects in the overhead lines. For this function, network operators use so-called E-coils in the substations.

Bayernwerk has developed a mobile e-coil so that the networks can continue to operate during maintenance work on the permanently installed devices. This enables substitute compensation for networks up to a certain capacity. In addition, the mobile e-coil also has a power connection as a replacement supply for the substation’s own use. The mobile e-coil was designed in such a way that a 20kV connection is universally possible using an adapter. The Bavarian network operator supports the transport and installation of the mobile e-coil.

Highest security standards

Thomas Pfanzelt, who is responsible for network protection, substations and switchgear at the Freisinger Stadtwerke, accompanied the use of the mobile e-coil in Freising. He is very satisfied with the process and the good cooperation with Bayernwerk during the implementation of the mission. “With the help of this new technology, we were able to maintain the reactive power compensation coils in compliance with the highest safety standards. Losses in the security of supply in our network were not to be feared and did not occur either. “(Sg)

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