Bahrain announces arrest of Iran-linked “terrorists”

The authorities of Bahrain reported this Monday on the arrest of “terrorist elements” linked to Iran, a “black beast” of this small Gulf kingdom, and the seizure of “weapons and explosives.”

Bahrain, ruled by a Sunni dynasty, frequently accuses (Shiite) Iran of using Shiites present in the country to destabilize it, something Tehran denies.

“The terrorists who conspired to carry out terrorist operations” in the country “were arrested,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement through a tweet, without clarifying the date of their arrest, their nationalities, or how many there are.

“Weapons and explosives (from) Iran were seized following the arrest of the suspects, linked to Iranian terrorist groups,” the statement said.

Bahrain has seen sporadic unrest since 2011, when the authorities cracked down on protests by Shiites calling for political reforms. All opposition groups were banned and dissolved.

Charged with “terrorist” acts often linked to Iran, hundreds of people have been jailed and several stripped of citizenship.

This country rejects the accusations of human rights violations against it made by NGOs and UN-mandated observers, and firmly denies that it discriminates against the Shiite community.


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