Adele was surprised by the presence of her favorite teacher and burst into tears: “You changed my life”

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The British singer, Adele, was moved to tears, after she had the opportunity to meet, in an unexpected way, with a teacher who marked her during childhood and who, in her words, “changed her life”.

The emotional moment occurred during an intimate concert in London prerecorded and broadcast on ITV, An audience with Adele, which aired in the UK on Saturday night.

During the meeting, the singer was questioned by actress Emma Thompson, who asked her if during her life there had been a person who had supported and protected her from life’s adversities and inspired her to move on. Then Adele remembered Mrs. McDonald.

“Yes, I had a teacher at Chestnut Gove, who taught me English, her name was Miss McDonald”, she answered the question from the actress. Cruella. Later, he added that he did not maintain contact with her after the teacher stopped teaching where she took classes.

PHOTO: Capture / ITV
PHOTO: Capture / ITV

“He was only there for a year, but he managed to make me love literature. I have always been obsessed with English and obviously now I write my lyrics. But she also did street dance, and that didn’t … that made me too fond of joining (…) She was so fucking cool”, He told those present.

“She was so amazing. She made us care and we knew she cared about us, things like that. And it was so … she used to wear a bunch of gold bracelets and she wore sequins. So fucking cool. You could identify with her and I really lived in anticipation of my English classes, ”he continued.

Subsequently, due to public reaction and a comment from Thompson, Adele realized that Professor McDonald was among those present and could not avoid her surprise when she saw her in the audience: “You are incredible, beautiful, hello, darling!” Adele said upon receiving the teacher on stage.

So much was the emotion of the singer that he burst into tears and melted into a hug with her: “I’m so proud of you,” McDonald said, “I didn’t know you were coming!” Adele expressed. “No, it’s fine, it’s supposed to be a surprise,” replied the teacher.

Adele - teacher meeting - 22112021
Adele – teacher meeting – 22112021

Then the singer of Rumour has it He asked the teacher about her occupation and if she continues to teach. Given this, Mc Donald clarified that at the moment she is dedicated to taking care of her children, who went with her to the concert.

“Don’t cry, thank you, thank you very much for remembering me,” McDonald said. “No, you really, you really changed my life“Continued Adele, who also asked the teacher to be in contact and said goodbye to the stage with a big hug:” Goodbye, Miss, “Adele said at the time of saying goodbye.

Eventually Adele left the stage to fix her makeup, evidently damaged after crying, and Alan Carr took the stage to momentarily entertain the audience. Finally, Adele took the stage and the night took its course.

This meeting caused all kinds of reactions among the followers and fans of the interpreter. Through their Twitter accounts, hundreds of users expressed themselves about the importance of teaching to inspire new generations: “Teachers! They do not teach for money, but for the lasting impression they will have on a child. Thank you, Miss McDonald “wrote one user.


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