Semar seized 288 kilos of marijuana in Colima bound for Costa Rica

The Mexican Navy Secretariat led the seizure of almost 300 kilograms of marijuana in the port of Manzanillo, destined for the Central American country of Costa Rica.

Like the seizure made a week ago, the drug was hidden between pallets. Although the modus operandi had already been identified, the drug traffickers used the same method of transportation.

According to the official report, the discovery took place during a routine inspection in the port area of ​​Manzanillo, Colima. Customs agents and the Attorney General’s Office also took part in the actions.

Canine binomials detected the drug in a container shipped to Costa Rica. When marking positive, those of the Sixth Naval Region reviewed the warehouse in which there were 10 pallets with 516 packages of cinnamon tape. On the outside they were marked with the legends Qukis and Shark.

After carrying out a preliminary weight, it was determined that they are around 288.8 kilograms of marijuana, which was made available to ministerial authorities to integrate the corresponding investigations.

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