New oil slick investigated off southern California coast

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California, U.S. (AP) – Authorities were investigating an oil slick found Saturday near the area where an offshore pipeline leak occurred in Southern California last month.

The US Coast Guard reported in a statement that the stain is approximately 21 by nine meters (70 by 30 feet) and that “anti-pollution emergency personnel, an aircraft and boats” have been dispatched to investigate.

The stain is located in the same area where the presence of a gigantic oil spill was confirmed last month off the coast of Orange County, according to authorities.

The spill confirmed Oct. 2 was about 94,635 liters (25,000 gallons) and came from a fractured subsea pipeline owned by Houston-based Amplify Energy.

The oil carried by the waves to the coast stained the plumage of dozens of birds and it was necessary to rescue marine mammals, although the spill was not as serious as environmentalists feared.

The negative repercussions of the spill were less than initially feared, but it affected the wetlands and wildlife, and the authorities closed the Huntington Beach coast for a week, a town where surfing is the favorite sport.

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