Melissa Paredes and the detail that would prove that Anthony Aranda sent her roses

Melissa Paredes would have received roses from Anthony Aranda. (Photo: Instagram)

Nothing prevents them from being together anymore. Melissa Paredes has returned to activity on social networks after ending her marriage with Rodrigo Cuba. The model does not stop sharing her day to day and the details she receives. On this occasion, the former television host showed that a bouquet of roses arrived, which would have been sent by Anthony Aranda.

As it is remembered, the former beauty queen and the dancer were caught kissing in the parking lot of a shopping center. At that time, she came out to clarify that she was no longer with her daughter’s father, in addition to giving an interview in which she pointed out that she felt special things for him.

Despite the fact that since that date they have not been seen together, after the ampay, Anthony Aranda sent a message of support to Melissa Paredes, This despite the fact that many criticized him and pointed out as the culprit of breaking up a family.

Through her Instagram account, the model revealed the beautiful detail that came to her. As is known, Melissa is a fan of roses, because in the past the ‘Cat’ Cuba gave her this type of gift.

Now it is no longer the footballer who does it, but someone else, and this would be the dancer. “I love when you smile like now”Was the message the model received accompanied by a curious emoji.

Although at first it was said that she alone would have sent it to her, the users of the social networks noticed that this emoji is the same one used by Anthony Aranda in the videos he posts on TikTok, so they indicated that he would be the author of these details.

Roses received by Melissa Paredes would be from Anthony Aranda.
Roses received by Melissa Paredes would be from Anthony Aranda. (Photo: Instagram and TikTok)


The dancer Anthony Aranda decided to respond to his detractors, who come attacking him after being caught kissing Melissa Paredes. As it is remembered, the ex-model and still wife of Rodrigo Cuba met the choreographer in Reinas del Show.

Aranda used his Instagram account to defend himself and point out that he is not made of stone, and that he is hurt by so many criticisms.

They asked me what a happy day looks like for me and these photos describe it. My passion, my art, which with a lot of work, effort and discipline I keep pushing forward, THAT makes me happy. So many years of traveling, training, competing, directing, choreographing and above all sharing experience, makes me stay strong TODAY”Said the young man, and then addressed those who criticize him.

There are people who, without knowing people, point out, criticize and speak badly, I am not made of stone and that also affects me, but I am very sure of something and it makes me stay strong, is that I know the kind of person that I am today, I have very present in my growth what they instilled in me at home, I thank my mother and my brothers, who are my support“He added, making it clear that he will try to move forward no matter what happens.


On November 11, it was determined that the still spouses they will have shared tenure of little Mia, in addition to sharing expenses fairly. They also agreed to a divorce by mutual agreement, not on the grounds of infidelity.


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