“Mediocre and pure business”: Chelito Delgado thundered to the Liga Mx playoff

Chelito Delgado played for Cruz Azul and Monterrey of the Liga mX (Photo: Twitter / @SergioADippW)

The Liga MX repechage matches began this Saturday 20 November. The classified teams are those that were between the fifth and twelfth place in the general table. The only ones classified directly are the Eagles of America, Atlas, Leon and Tigres. On the other hand, those who will have to play the playoffs are: Santos against San Luis, Puebla against Chivas, Toluca will receive the Pumas and Cruz Azul will face Monterrey.

The format was created to attract fans of Mexican soccer, as the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the Closing 2020 and in its place entered the Guardians 2020, name chosen to commemorate and give recognition to the doctors, orderlies, nurses and workers who safeguard the health of the people of Mexico in the country’s hospitals.

Who did not agree with the facet after the regular tournament was César Chelito Delgado. The attacker, who became a legend of the celestial team due to his way of playing, assured that the play-offs did not necessarily prioritize competition on the MX LeagueOn the contrary, he added that it was made for the mediocre.

  Cruz Azul will face Monterrey in the Liga MX 2021 play-off (Photo: Carlos Ramírez / EFE)
Cruz Azul will face Monterrey in the Liga MX 2021 play-off (Photo: Carlos Ramírez / EFE)

“It makes me weird. It seems to me that it is a matter of business, rather that it is a more attractive football for people. They decided that way and a quality leap is lacking in Mexican soccer. I don’t know if it’s such mediocrity. Before when the eight teams qualified it seemed more attractive to me, now it is much more bored the league. There are many things that are not understood in Mexico, such as the Expansion Tournament, where they do not fight at all ”.

The funny thing about the tournament is that between place number two and twelve, there was only a difference of 9 units. Los Rojinegros del Atlas made 29 and San Luis, which came in last, made 20. The only club that separated from the rest were Azulcremas, as they collected 35 points.

In the history of Mexican soccer there have been cases in which the playoffs have been the means for a team to be champion. To be exact, three times: Pachuca in 1999, Monarcas Morelia in 200 and Chivas in 2006. So this time it would not be unreasonable to think that some of the teams that will fight to advance to the quarterfinals and are not classified could be champion.

Rogelio Funes Mori de Monterrey will seek to score against Cruz Azul in the Liga MX 2021 playoff (Photo: Jorge Mendoza / REUTERS)
Rogelio Funes Mori de Monterrey will seek to score against Cruz Azul in the Liga MX 2021 playoff (Photo: Jorge Mendoza / REUTERS)

Also, in 2004 the Pumas of the UNAM they entered playoffs in ninth place, at that time there were three groups of four clubs and they were ranked from first to twelfth place. The first two of each sector and the two best third parties agreed to the quarterfinals. In this way the Auriazules reaped their two-time championship from the hand of Hugo Sanchez.

In the current championship, if the combination of results occurs, Atlético San Luis could play the final against the first place in the regular phase, the Eagles of America.

Chelito Delgado is remembered for playing with Blue Cross and the whole of the capital will face the Rayados de Monterrey. The prognosis of the Argentine forward was inclined to the club that brought him to Mexico: “Whoever gets to pass is going to fight for the championship. I see them as serious candidates to be champions. I feel that Azul is going to move on to the next phase by being local. They have everything to win. I feel that they have much more strength at home than when visiting Monterrey ”.


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