Juana Viale’s message about the death of Lucas González, the soccer player shot by police officers: “It was a boy”

As happens every Saturday on the screen of El Trece, Mirtha’s night, began with the presentation of Juana Viale, the host of the program since March 2020. The actress showed her look, thanked those who dress her and make up and gave way to the guests. But amid these formalities, a space was made to reflect on the political week in the country. And in addition to mentioning the elections that were held last Sunday, he stopped to talk about a case that shocked public opinion.

“We are not going to skip the one that unfortunately was the topic of the week, the murder of Lucas. A child, a child, emphasized in reference to Lucas Gonzalez, the 17-year-old teenager shot in the head by police from the City of Buenos Aires who died last Thursday. “We are going to put it on the table, we are going to talk about it. We cannot continue to accept what crime is, much less what the easy trigger is. Supposedly it is the police who are there to take care of this society and this society is the one that is hit over and over again “said the actress with a serious face and looking at the camera. “My condolences to all of Lucas’s family, the death of a son is irreparable, all my hugs and my condolences to his parents and his entire family”, full.

Then Viale ushered in the guests. One by one the elected deputy of Avanza Libertad passed, José Luis Espert; the Mayor of Tres de Febrero, Diego Valenzuela; the journalist Monica Gutierrez and the journalist specialized in police rolling barbano, with whom he returned to refer to the subject. Juana mentioned Roberto Sabo, the kiosk stand killed a few weeks ago in Ramos Mejía and which also shocked public opinion, to the point that her relatives visited the driver in a special block of her program.

Mónica Gutiérrez, José Luis Espert, Diego Valenzuela and Rolando Barbano with Juana Viale (Storylab)

“We are experiencing so much insecurity … The kids who were returning, why are they going to have to stop with an unidentified car? What security is the country giving you to say ‘if a car crosses me, they must be policemen’? We live in terror “, Viale sentenced. “The way Lucas and his friends act is the symptom that we all think that it is more likely to meet a thief than a policeman. It is the problem we have as a society ”, reflected the journalist.

While the program was on the air, family, friends and neighbors watched Lucas in the midst of a climate of deep pain, expressions of support and a strong demand for justice, manifested on posters, banners and even T-shirts. The wake began around 6:30 p.m. this Saturday at the Colonial farmhouse of Florencio Varela, hours after the preliminary autopsy results were known.

One of the most emotional moments was lived when Lucas’s family arrived at the wake house, located on Route 36 to 1200, in a caravan of cars accompanied by honks and received by applause by more than 100 people who were waiting outside. At the beginning of the wake, Cintia López, the mother of the murdered young Barracas Central player, decompensated inside the ward and had to be assisted by medical personnel, who arrived in an ambulance a few minutes later.


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