“If Bernardo Redín likes to be mistreated, that is his problem. I ask you the favor that you do not lie ”: Carlos Antonio Vélez

Carlos Antonio Vélez spoke after being denied by Bernardo Redín in a slap by James Rodríguez against the technical assistant on November 16, 2021 in Barranquilla / (Colprensa)

While Bernardo Redín denied having received an alleged slap from James Rodríguez after the Cucuteño midfielder was replaced by Rafael Santos Borré at minute 80 of the game between Colombia and Paraguay, sports journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez spoke up annoyed from his words Mayores audio column on Friday November 19th having been discredited together with a journalist from the Marca Claro medium who also witnessed the scene at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla.

The also journalist of the Planeta Fútbol program on Win Sports channel, described the reaction of Rodríguez Rubio in the afternoon of Tuesday, November 15:

I didn’t like James’s gesture when he was replaced. He left, it was not where Reinaldo Rueda but he walked directly (we were right there, we saw him down there). Bernardo Redín (technical assistant) approached him to greet him and he lowered his hand. I admit that any player comes out hot. He wanted to do other things, he couldn’t, but the one who commands, commands even if he commands badly. Mr. Redín is an authority and he has to respect him. I think that is not right and it does not speak well of the principle of authority of the Colombian National Team

Well, the Caldense journalist He warned that Bernardo Redín contacted his closest circle to distort the alleged slap he received from the Al Rayyan midfielder from Qatar and attacked Reinaldo Rueda’s technical assistant saying that maybe he’s used to being mistreated. This is how he referred to the controversial situation:

Mr. Bernardo Redín is calling his friends to deny that James mistreated him with a rude gesture. Faced with this position, I have no choice but to raise these options: Don Bernardo is used to being mistreated, being done that to him. Second, you want to lower your profile so you don’t mess around. Third, he simply has a weak character, which is popularly called cowardly, and since he knows that he cannot push himself to make himself respected, he prefers to lower the profile and tone of things; and fourthly, all of the above. I think they are all of the above …

As a result of this crossing of versions between Vélez, a journalist from Marca Claro and Redín, the sportscaster asked the technical assistant to reveal the truth about what happened by discrediting him, because previously he had even asked James Rodríguez to apologize for the aforementioned slap in Barranquilla:

I ask the favor of Don Bernardo not to lie. Opinions are opinions, considerations are considerations, but the truth is true. And he cannot make those who denounce that fact look like liars. I do not allow a true, proven and seen fact to be questioned

So far neither Vélez nor Redín have spoken more about Rodríguez’s apparent gesture of bad taste when he came out angry from the 0-0 draw between the Colombia team and the Paraguayan team for the 14th date of the Conmebol qualifiers.


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