French Paralympic swimmer completes 122 km crossing in Lake Titicaca

French Paralympic swimmer Théo Curin, 21, arrived at the Uros Islands in Peru on Saturday after swimming 122 kilometers along Lake Titicaca at 3,800 meters from Bolivia, AFP found.

Curin, whose limbs were amputated at age six due to fulminant meningitis, completed in 10 days the challenge of swimming across the icy waters of the highest navigable lake in the world with two other French athletes.

Curin was received in Apu Inti (Sun God) one of the floating islands of the Uros by local authorities who gave him a typical “chullo” (Andean hat).

The trio took the first stroke on November 10 on the beach of the Bolivian town of Copacabana, targeting the Uros Islands in the bay of Puno, Peru.

The swimmer from eastern France took fourth place in the 200-meter freestyle at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and is double vice-world champion.

Curin’s teammates are former Olympic swimmer Malia Metella, 39, who has been retired from the pools for 11 years, and Matthieu Witvoet, 27, who defines himself as an “eco-adventurer.”

The athletes took turns dragging a boat built from waste in order to send a message about caring for the environment.

During the trip they filtered fresh water from the lake to drink and stored their food in reusable bags so as not to generate polluting waste.

The French swimmer resigned from the Tokyo Paralympic Games, unmotivated by the postponement and classifications of sports for the disabled, to perform an unprecedented fact: swimming the 122 km of Lake Titicaca with two companions.

“I want to have a good time. I have been training every day, twice a day for seven years. I have never won, I do not have the feeling of having achieved something. I could not win a medal in the Games because of the inequalities in my classification,” he explained Curin told AFP in October when he decided to take up this challenge.

The tetraamputado, one of the stars of the French television miniseries ‘Vestiaires’, decided to forget about the Tokyo appointment – although not Paris 2024 – a few months ago.


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