El Pelado López recounted his emotion for a marriage request in the middle of the theater: “She left everything for love”

Guillermo The Pelado López presented his new one-man show, “The job that not working gave me,” at the beginning of October at Paseo La Plaza, where his acting side stands out every Thursday. Every time he gets on the stage, he interacts with the audience during performances, but what happened at the last show filled him with a completely different emotion: a spectator proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the play. In dialogue with Teleshow the driver tells the story behind the romantic moment.

“What happened last night exceeded our expectations! In the middle of the show, a boy from the audience, Pablo, did what you see in the video: he asked his love to marry him and filled the whole room with beautiful energy. Thank you for choosing my one-man show for something so unforgettable for you ”, wrote the host of holy saturday (America) the epigraph of a publication on his Instagram account next to the clip that already exceeds 8000 reproductions in less than a day. The post caught the attention of his followers and many wanted to know more about the couple who got engaged in front of everyone present.

A unique moment: a spectator asked his girlfriend to marry him in the work of El Pelado López

In dialogue with this medium, he explained that everything arose when remembered the marriage proposal he made to his wife, Nella Ghorghor: “I was recently on Germán Paoloski’s program –It’s not too late– And there I said that when I proposed to my wife she did not expect it at all, it was a total surprise and something very romantic that we keep in our hearts; As a result of that, this guy wrote to my Instagram to tell me that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend ”.

It should be remembered that Guillermo gave the “yes, I want” in April 2020 and celebrated his union with the model and producer with whom he has been in a relationship for more than three years. “The boy contacted me last week through social networks, and obviously I did not know him. His name is Pablo and he is very much in love with his girlfriend, who is from the province of Chaco. She left everything for love: her family, her friends, her job, and came to Buenos Aires with him”, He relates. And he adds: “He told me that he would love to surprise her with something special and asked me if I could help him; The gesture seemed divine to me and since I think these things are beautiful and unforgettable, it seemed a compliment that they make me part of something that they will never forget again ”.

After finalizing details, the protagonist of the one-man show was part of the couple’s special moment: “We set up a space in the show where supposedly I raised the bet to see if someone was more romantic than me, after he had said something very nice about me. woman, and he already knew that that was the foot for him to lift his little hand, and there he went up ”. The next scene was the one that the entire audience witnessed: “We had set up a lighting fixture, but no one knew about it except him and his parents who were rows further back without the girl knowing, hidden, to be able to record everything and surprise her; it was really a very beautiful moment ”.

I am very happy with what happens in the show because of what happens with the people, that interaction is difficult to explain, The truth is that the affection that is given in each show makes me very happy and it was something unforgettable also for me ”, concludes the host, invaded by the surprise that his show was originally planned for eight functions, but given the success it is reaping They added two other functions, the last being on Thursday, December 2 and 9. In this sense, the facet of showman She is not new to the driver: at the same time that she began working as a candy salesman, she enrolled in drama school and received her acting degree at age 22.

Pelado Lopez
Guillermo El Pelado López in one of the functions of his sole proprietorship in Paseo La Plaza

Making me laugh makes me happy“He wrote on his Instagram account after the show’s premiere. In a previous interview with Teleshow had clarified the meaning of the name of his sole proprietorship: “It’s a joke that I make to myself because I do what I like and I don’t feel like a job, and also to vindicate someone who gets up at 7 in the morning and he works 12 hours to have a mango and support a family, like my old man was ”. As he himself said, when he was 19 years old, his father died, who at that time was the head of a factory, and that hard emotional blow left him indelible lessons: “I was left with that thing about work, sacrifice. And when we gave it that name, with the production of the show, it was to laugh at myself, that I do a lot of decent things so that I don’t have to work ”.


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