Corona protests: Second night of violence in the Netherlands

As of: 21.11.2021 02:44 a.m.

After the violent riots in Rotterdam, rioters caused unrest in several Dutch cities during the night. There were again arrests and injuries.

Protests against the corona restrictions in the Netherlands led to riots for the second night in a row. In The Hague, hundreds of people set bicycles on fire late in the evening and pelted police officers with stones and other objects, a correspondent for the AFP news agency reported.

The security forces used the mobile unit as well as dogs and horses “to restore public order,” the police said on Twitter. Five officers were injured. Young people in particular threw fireworks, started small fires and destroyed traffic signs. In addition, someone threw a stone through a window of an ambulance that was transporting a patient. Seven people were arrested.

Several police officers were injured in The Hague.

Violence in the streets in other places as well

According to the police, there were also riots in other places, especially by young people. However, the cause of the violence is still unclear there. In Roermond in the south of the country near the German border, dozens of young people threw fireworks at the police. Riots were also reported from the nearby stone. In the town of Urk in the northeast of Amsterdam, young people also threw fireworks, and there were also several arrests there.

As reported by the public broadcaster NOS, young demonstrators also threw objects at the police in Urk in central Netherlands and in cities in the southern province of Limburg.

More seriously injured in Rotterdam

On the night of Saturday, an unregistered demonstration against Corona measures got out of hand in Rotterdam, and there were real street battles. The police also targeted people with live ammunition. Four injured were treated with gunshot wounds in hospitals.

The authorities in the Netherlands corrected the number of seriously injured after the riot from two to three. “Three rioters were wounded by bullets, they are still in the hospital,” tweeted the police in Rotterdam on Saturday evening. It is still being investigated whether the injured were hit by bullets from the security forces.

On Saturday riots and confrontations with the police were called on social networks across the country. In several places, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the police were present on the streets with a large number of officers as a precaution.

In the Netherlands, a partial lockdown has been in effect again for a week due to the increasing number of corona infections. Citizens are only allowed to meet a maximum of four other people in their apartments, employees should work from home if possible. Shops have to close earlier. In addition, a 2G regulation is currently being planned for some locations. This means that only those vaccinated against Corona and those recovered from Covid-19 would have access.

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