A Sunday of oppressive heat is expected in the City of Buenos Aires, with maximums close to 40 degrees Celsius

Specialists recommend avoiding exposure to the sun to avoid heat stroke

Although there is still a month to go before summer officially begins in the southern hemisphere, in the City of Buenos Aires the heat has already begun and for this week the National Metereological Service (SMN) predicted overwhelming days, with very high temperatures that are surprising at this time of year.

From this same Sunday you will be able to feel the suffocating weather with enough intensity, since with maximum of 36 and minimum of 22 degreesIt will be one of the heaviest days in recent months, although the fact that the sky will be partially cloudy will help a bit.

Far from improving, on Monday the situation will continue in a similar way, with temperatures that will oscillate between 37 and 22 degrees, although for the afternoon some isolated storms are expected that would last into the night and could drastically lower the heat.

During the week there will be several days of oppressive heat (Maximiliano Luna)
During the week there will be several days of oppressive heat (Maximiliano Luna)

On Tuesday, meanwhile, the minimum will be 14 and the maximum 25 degrees, so the conditions would begin to be more pleasant, but there will still be some clouds in the sky. On Wednesday, however, the oppressive weather will return, since the SMN predicted 32 degrees in the City.

Thursday will be mild again, with temperatures between 17 and 28 degrees and mostly cloudy skies, like Friday and Saturday, which will not have great variations, so only next weekend will the weather in CABA be pleasant.

At the end of last October there was a sudden heat wave that also affected 17 provinces of the country and generated a new record in the records of that month in Buenos Aires territory, with a peak of 36.1 ° C, as the SMN warned at that time.

This brand was registered in the City of Buenos Aires, at the same time that temperatures of 40 degrees in Termas de Río Hondo, 40,6 in Santiago del Estero; 40,1 in Córdoba with 40,1 and 40 in La Rioja.

Given these high temperatures, the authorities always recommend taking some precautions to avoid heat stroke, such as reducing physical activity; wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing, hats, and dark glasses; avoid very large meals and eat vegetables and fruits; increase your fluid intake without waiting to be thirsty to maintain adequate hydration; stay in ventilated or conditioned spaces; Avoid alcoholic or highly sugary drinks, and do not expose yourself to the sun in excess, or in the middle of the day (between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.).

Authorities recommend hydrating well (NA)
Authorities recommend hydrating well (NA)

Heatstroke is the increase in body temperature from prolonged exposure to the sun or from exercising in hot and poorly ventilated environments. It occurs because the body loses water and salts, the person begins to feel a general discomfort due to the increase in body temperature and the failure of the mechanisms for its regulation

It is a picture of generalized dehydration and the symptoms are similar for all. This discomfort can appear at the moment or after a few days of high temperatures ”. As explained by the head of the General Internal Medicine Program of the Hospital de Clínicas, Roberto Fayanás (MN 48,947), “the key is to be able to recognize the need to stay hydrated.”

Older people, due to age, become less sensitive to feeling thirsty, so they must remember and have a habit of drinking water. When the temperature rises and symptoms begin, the body may have lost between four and six liters, which must be constantly replenished.


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