Video | Aida Victoria still does not feel ready for a new relationship: “they are a my $% & …”

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Several months have passed since it was known that the content generator Aida Victoria Merlano and the businessman Lumar Alonso Parra They ended their relationship, although they tried to hide it repeatedly, as neither of them dared to confirm and at one point they even said that they would try again from a distance with her based in Medellín and he from the beautiful Bucaramanga.

At that time, the couple assured that they loved each other and that due to some situations that were happening within the relationship, living together had become a bit complicated and fights were the order of the day.

“Indeed, it was because something was happening. When I got to the apartment, Lumar was gone. He came, we were talking about a number of things and we told each other what we thought. I understood things from his part, he understood from mine ”, Aida Victoria Merlano mentioned in a video she shared through her Instagram account.

Recently, in an interaction with her followers through her official Instagram profile, the influencer activated the famous ‘questions and answers’ box and Internet users wanted to know “How long do you think you will be in a relationship again?” to which Merlano replied:

It is that I feel that I am not made for relationships, It is the truth, I hate having to explain myself, I hate sharing my spaces and my life with a person, I hate that I have to see that person’s face all the time. What happens is that it happened to me that I met someone who became my best friend, my accomplice, my key, my lover and I loved that person every day in my life “, mentioned the Barranquilla at first.

And I add: “Relationships are a shit% $ & but love is such a beautiful thing, so when I love intensely again I will be in a relationship”.

Here the full statements of Aida Victoria Merlano:

On the other hand, the curious Internet users did not miss the opportunity to ask him about his relationship with Lumar Alonso Parra and if at any time he has thought about returning with the businessman.

“We would not return and this goes without rancor. Sight, When love is so intense, the separation is that intense and at a certain point we knew that things had already ended and we insisted, we insisted and we ended up hurting, both he to me and I to him, there is no way ”, concluded the daughter of former congresswoman Merlano.

The controversial statements of Aida Victoria did not take long to generate hundreds of reactions from Internet users who follow in the footsteps of the young influencer on the entertainment portal ‘Rechismes’, which is responsible for replicating the content that celebrities share in their accounts Instagram.

There it exceeds 170,000 reproductions, getting more than 6,100 ‘likes’ and has more than 200 comments generating divided opinions among its followers as some say that the conflict was generated because they allowed more people to enter their relationship and others say that where there are no more love, there’s nothing to do.

“There they had their relationship, where they let other women in, that is not healthy no matter how open mind one is”, “If they see that not everything is sex, because each one boasted that he was the best in bed”, “That laugh as they swore love when they had covid “,” That giving explanations is very boring “,” The best thing that could happen to Lumar, all uncool to have a serious relationship “, among others.


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