Uribe’s defense will file an appeal for annulment against the Constitutional Court’s guardianship ruling

Former President of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe Vélez. (Credit: DIANA SANCHEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

The defense of the former president Álvaro Uribe Velez He will file an appeal for annulment of the guardianship ruling that the Constitutional Court announced on November 10, denying Uribe the possibility of ending his judicial process.

According W Radio that knew the position of the defense, everything would be discussed because it was found that the former president Juan Manuel Santos called some magistrates of the Court, which would violate the principle of impartiality of the robes. The constitutional lawyer Germán Calderón Spain, argued that this would have vitiated the decision of the Plenary Chamber.

On this issue, justices Diana Fajardo and Cristina Pardo issued a statement clarifying that they did not receive calls from the former president and not only from him, but also from César Gaviria and Uribe himself. The same was denied by magistrate Alejandro Linares.

The latter expressed in a press conference that in order to decide on Uribe’s guardianship they handed over their cell phones and computers to avoid leaks and added about the calls of former presidents:

“Fortunately as a speaker I did not receive calls or meetings with any of the former presidents, I did not feel pressure, I must say it clearly. I understand that some colleagues received calls from both former presidentsFrom time to time I speak with them on different social and political issues, but fortunately they are not lawyers, so on legal issues we cannot share legal arguments ”.

In Semana, the magistrate said that although he does not know why former presidents Santos and Gaviria called, “in many cases one receives calls from former presidents or influential people who tell you or suggest a certain type of inclination in the sense of failure ”.

After these statements by Linares, two other magistrates, Diana Fajardo and Cristina Pardo, spoke out and denied having received the calls from the former presidents.

“To make the decision related to guardianship T 8170363 filed by former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez against the Fourth Criminal Court of the Bogotá Circuit, they did not receive calls from any former president of the Republic of Colombia”Says the statement.

“All the decisions they have made as magistrates of the Constitutional Court during their constitutional period have been based on strictly legal reasons,” the robed women maintain. And they add: “The information published and disseminated in this regard by some sectors of public opinion are not true”.

The Plenary Chamber of the Constitutional Court reviewed the protection process promoted by Álvaro Uribe for the alleged violation of his fundamental rights to due process and defense. The high court determined that as a consequence of the adaptation of the criminal investigation against him under Law 600 of 2000 to Law 906 of 2004, he should be held as formally accused.

“The Chamber verified that, during the investigation carried out before the resignation of his position as Senator of the Republic, Mr. Uribe Vélez was brought to the attention of the factual and legal imputation by the authority that at the time he was exercising the criminal action, thus guaranteeing his right to be informed in advance and in detail about the nature and causes of the investigation that is being carried out against him, and thus providing his formal link to the action criminal ”, stated the Court.


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