They assassinated an 83-year-old retiree in Lanús: they investigate a possible entry

The victim was found by one of his grandchildren

An 83-year-old man was found murdered on Friday with at least one blow to the head in his home in the Buenos Aires province of Lanús and the authorities are investigating whether he was killed by criminals during an entry.

The discovery occurred in a house located at 700 Gobernador Manuel Ocampos street, in the town of Lanús West, in the south of Greater Buenos Aires, where the victim resided. It was identified by the Justice and the Police as Santiago Pascual Didiano.

Police spokesmen informed the agency Telam that a grandson of this man, who is 25 years old, came to the property and observed through the crack in the corridor that there was an unknown person inside, which is why he decided to enter through the neighbor’s property.

Once the young man managed to enter the courtyard of his grandfather’s house, he found him lying on the ground with no vital signs, for which he immediately notified the 911 emergency number.

Faced with this situation, members of the 1st police station. de Lanús went to the property and confirmed the death of the old man, while later a forensic doctor determined that had died as a result of a blow to the head with a blunt object. The result of the autopsy was still awaited to confirm the real cause of death.

According to the first actions, and taking into account the disorder found in different environments of the house, the main hypothesis of the researchers is that Didiano was the victim of a break-in and in this context he was beaten and killed.

The area where the crime occurred
The area where the crime occurred

Likewise, the investigations determined that at least three criminals would have acted, who were intensely searched by the police on Friday night, but had not yet been detained, according to judicial sources.

Is that, according to the survey of security cameras located in the area, Three suspects are observed jumping from the roofs of the houses on the block, and then escape. These people are believed to be the ones who committed the murder.

The prosecutor was present at the crime scene Martin Rodriguez, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 6 of the Avellaneda-Lanús Judicial Department, who supervised the expert reports on the scene and ordered a series of measures to clarify the homicide.

Police are looking for three suspects
Police are looking for three suspects

Just 24 hours before this event, the musician’s father was found dead from a shot to the chest at his home in the Buenos Aires town of Moreno. Ricardo Iorio, Alfredo, an 81-year-old man.

As confirmed by police sources Infobae, it was his partner, Margarita Rodriguez, 76, who found him on the double bed and called 911 to alert police to what happened.

Under a nervous breakdown, The woman told the members of the 7th Police Station in the area that they arrived at the house on Padre Fahy Street at 2100, that his partner had shot himself. However, the case was classified as investigation of causes of death by the Functional Instruction Unit No. 2, in charge of the prosecutor Carina Saucedo, of the Moreno / General Rodríguez Judicial Department.

For his part, the former leader of V8, Hermética y Almafuerte, who is currently a soloist, could be summoned to testify in the coming days, after an autopsy performed on the body revealed that the victim He had lost his vision due to his diabetes and that is why he would go through a severe depression.


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