The strong discussion of Diego Monarriz with the San Lorenzo fans in the middle of the game

The present of San Lorenzo It is really worrying, both for their fans and for the leaders. The Cyclone does not lift his head and this Friday it added its 11th defeat so far in the Professional League, which makes it the team with the most defeats in the championship. Gimnasia de La Plata hit early in the game and the moods in the New Gasometer began to heat up until the coach Diego Monarriz placeholder image made a modification that generated the anger of the fans.

Nicolás Fernández Mercau felt an ailment in one of his hamstrings and the technical director had no alternative but to replace it with Alexis Sabella. People, dissatisfied with the change, criticized the decision with whistles and insults without waiting for Monarriz to react. But tired from the mistreatment, Diego turned around and tried to explain to the silver players that the 21-year-old footballer left the field due to injury and not to look for a tactical variant.

About the end of the game, when the Lobo he was a few seconds away from taking the three points, in the stadium the famous one was heard: “Ohhh, let everyone go, not one of them left”. Once the match was over, a siren began to be heard on the court to carry out an evacuation drill that was previously warned before the ball began to rotate.

Gymnastics won in the New Gasometer and sank San Lorenzo even more (@fotobairesarg) (Nicolas Aboaf /)

In addition, the coach of San Lorenzo, dissatisfied with the performance of his managers on the field of play, decided not to give a press conference beyond the fact that the journalists waited patiently in the room to ask you some questions. With six defeats in the last seven dates, the Cyclone stands only above Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero (He plays this Saturday against Independiente and if he wins he would pass it) and Sarandí Arsenal.

Diego Monarriz decided to bet on names of experience such as Sebastián Torrico, Alejandro Donatti, Gabriel Rojas and Ezequiel Cerutti, among others, and could not celebrate again after having beaten Godoy Cruz on the last date. The effort of Franco Di Santo, the most dangerous of the team on the offensive front, was neutralized by another great performance from Rodrigo Rey under the three gymnastics sticks.

With four dates ahead, it is time to add as much as possible until the end of the championship and try to arm ourselves for 2022. One of the issues that the San Lorenzo leadership must solve is to find someone to replace the interim coach who was ratified until the close of the league.


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