“The 4T is making the dream of justice of our people come true”: AMLO assured when heading the 111th anniversary of the Revolution

Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf

As he led the parade through the 111th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, assured that this social movement was the third transformation of the “most important” country and laid the foundations for the current Q4, while highlighted the loyalty and commitment of the Army that -he recalled- arose a day after the assassination of President Francisco I. Madero.

“That is why the times we live in are interesting and fruitful. The Fourth Transformation that we are carrying out from below, and among all, It is not only making the dream of justice of our people come true, but also the democratic ideal with which the Maderista revolution of 1910 was born ″, he assured.

From the temple mounted on the plate of the capital’s Zócalo, the president stressed that in these times the Constitution is respected and the government represents all Mexicans regardless of classes or beliefs.

Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf
Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf

Now nothing is imposed, it is commanded by obeying, the Constitution is respected, there is legality and democracy, freedoms and the right to dissent are guaranteed., there is full transparency and the right to information, no one is censored, human rights are not violated. The government does not repress the people and electoral fraud is not organized from the federal power. The public power no longer represents a minority, but all Mexicans of all classes, cultures and beliefs. The government acts with austerity and has moral authority; Corruption is not tolerated and impunity is not allowed ”, he asserted.

In practice, there are no jurisdictions or privileges, nature is protected, gender equality is sponsored, discrimination, racism and classism are repudiated and moral, cultural and spiritual values ​​are strengthened and cultural heritage is cared for and promoted as we are doing today and historical of Mexico ”, he said.

López Obrador recounted the “three great transformations” recorded in the history of Mexico: the Independence, the Reformation and the Revolution.

Remembered that the trigger for the revolutionary movement was the lack of social justice and slavery of which the majority of Mexicans were prey.

Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf
Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf

“Social justice did not exist, nor in the discourse and neither did the majority of the population participate in active politics, it was reserved for the liberal or conservative elites,” he recalled.

When making a passage of relevant events of the beginning and development of the Revolution, López Obrador asserted that, contrary to what the conservatives point out, it cannot be said that the Revolution was useless.

“It cannot be said that the revolutionary struggle has said in vain, as conservatives sometimes foolishly maintain, nor can it be said that it is more of the same,” he emphasized.

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