Russia continues to break records for coronavirus deaths

MOSCOW (AP) – Russia equaled the record for deaths from coronavirus for the second day on Saturday, as the number of new infections continued to decline.

The state agency for the control of the pandemic reported 1,254 new deaths from COVID-19, the same count that it offered the day before.

The authorities also confirmed 37,120 new infections. In recent weeks, infections seem to be on a downward trend, but they are still more than in previous waves of the pandemic.

The latest spike in infections and deaths coincides with a low vaccination rate and a more lax public attitude towards complying with precautions. Approximately 40% of the country’s nearly 146 million inhabitants have the full vaccination schedule despite the fact that Russia approved a nationally developed vaccine, Spunitk V, months before the rest of the world.

In total, the agency has reported more than 9.2 confirmed infections and more than 261,000 deaths from COVID-19, making Russia the country with the highest mortality in Europe.

Some experts believe that the true figure is even higher. Reports from the national statistical agency, Rosstat, which counts deaths attributed to the coronavirus retroactively, reveal a much higher mortality. According to these data, 462,000 people with COVID-19 lost their lives between April 2020 and September this year.

The Russian authorities maintain that the data from the control agency only includes deaths in which COVID-19 was the main cause, and that it uses data from health institutions.

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