Price of the dollar today, Saturday, November 20, 2021: know the exchange rate

The price of the US dollar is quoted today, Saturday, November 20, at S / 4,015 for the purchase and S / 4,026 for the sale, according to Sunat on its website. While in the parallel market, the average price of the dollar is quoted at S / 3,995 for the purchase and S / 4.03 for the sale, according to the website Likewise, it was announced that in virtual exchange houses the purchase oscillates between S / 3,985 and S / 4,007; and the sale between S / 4,018 and S / 4,035.

In relation to the profitability of the last seven days, the American dollar accumulates a drop in 0,43% although, on the contrary, in year-on-year terms it still maintains a rise in the 10,89%. If we compare the figure with previous days, with this value the positive streak that it marked in the two previous days stops. Regarding the volatility of the last week, it is clearly lower than the data obtained for the last year (9.29%), which shows that in this last phase there is less changes than what the general trend indicates.

In the last year, the American dollar it has been paid at a maximum of 4.14 soles, while its lowest level has been 3.59 soles. The American dollar it is positioned closer to its maximum than to its minimum.

In the political context, this Thursday it was known that a motion for presidential vacancy will be presented against Pedro Castillo, promoted by the Congresswoman of Avanza País, Patricia Chirinos. Although at the beginning his request did not find the expected echo, several congressmen have been folding to the request. Likewise, it was learned that the Secretary General of the Government Palace, Bruno Pacheco Castillo, resigned from his position, after hearing serious complaints of interference in the Armed Forces, the Foreign Ministry and Sunat.


On the other hand, the president of the BCR, Julio Velarde, spoke this week at the CADE 2021 forum about the economic projections that are positive. He pointed out that “the growth of the economy this year would be 13.2%, which is an impressive figure.”

Along these lines, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, estimated this Thursday that the Peruvian gross domestic product (GDP) would grow 13% this year, thus raising the previous projection of 10.5%. “Well, the economic growth projected for this year we are now calculating it at 13%, which is quite a positive figure,” he said.

“The latest data show that the growth of the economy is already in blue, 3% above what we had before the pandemic and we have been growing in an interesting way,” he added.

Pedro Francke acknowledged that even the covid-19 pandemic has left some lags, such as in the generation of jobs, but that the Government is giving reactivation measures to reverse that. “The pandemic has still hit us, we have a deficit not only in health services, but also in employment, which we are determined to recover with various reactivation measures,” he said.


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