Olga Moreno is reunited with Marta López after the controversy about their separation



For many weeks there has been talk of the separation between Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno. The singing voice was had by a magazine with a national circulation that presented the great news exclusively and on the cover. At first the information was denied, but days later, it was the former civil guard himself who used the media to confirm the sad news.

Since then, everything that has been coming out has been speculation because we have not heard from Antonio David Flores or Olga Moreno again. Of course, Marta López, a great friend of the latter, has been talking to her at all times, but she has not confessed how this separation has been carried out, for which we still do not have enough data.

This Friday there has been a most intimate and emotional reunion. Marta López, Alejandro Albalá and Olga Moreno have seen each other and have been seen as smiling on social networks, thus demonstrating that the friendship they started in ‘Survivors’ continues to this day.

Olga Moreno was photographed with both, but above all the image with Marta López is striking, who has been accused of selling a friendship that was not true and that, far from being real, was a montage and some inventions. The truth is that the images speak for themselves and demonstrate not only the good relationship that exists, but the complicity that exists between all of them.


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