Francisco Sagasti: “Request for a vacancy seems to me an aberration and does not make any sense”

Former President Francisco Sagasti. Photo: ANDINA / Presidency Press

The ex-president Francisco Sagasti, considered today that the announced motion for presidential vacancy against the head of state, Pedro Castillo, it does not make any sense and constitutes an aberration.

He indicated that the figure of the vacancy was made as an extreme case and referred to a possible mental incapacity of a president, but that the way in which it was used lately was “capricious” and did not allow the normal development of democratic institutions.

“I think this vacancy request seems like an aberration to me and it doesn’t make any sense”, manifested in RPP.

He also indicated that lately the situation in which “As I do not like the electoral results in which I have participated, then it is necessary to invalidate it or remove the man who won, it is necessary to disrespect the popular will”.

I think what we have to do is respect the legal regulations, make his term end and yes, criticize him, suggest things to him so that his government works better, but not to say: I don’t like this government and I get it.added.

Sagasti assured that the appeal of the presidential vacancy is “Absolutely extreme” and cannot be used when it comes to “some type of disability in the exercise of the position”.


Last Thursday marked 113 days since Pedro Castillo assumed the presidency of the Peru, after a tight second round where the match Free Peru he beat Keiko Fujimori (Popular Force) by just over 40 thousand votes. The peculiarity of a highly polarized campaign and the accusations of electoral fraud by the Fujimori, meant that the president did not have a honeymoon and had to respond to the opposition from day one.

Castillo’s actions (or inaction) at this time seem to have been enough for Congress to promote a motion of presidential vacancy. This is the recount of events that have made the proposal gain force in the last hours.

On Thursday, when the plenary session began in the Congress of the Republic, the legislator of Avanza País, Patricia Chirinos asked to speak. At that time, he indicated that he had a proposal for a vacancy motion for moral incapacity against Pedro Castillo. to the surprise even of his peers on the bench.

“I want to make an order for Peruvian children who have nothing to eat and who cannot even go to school, for mothers who do not have a way to bring bread to their children, for thousands of sick people who die from being cared for in long queues of the hospitals, for the young people without job opportunities, for the women who suffer from violence and machismo, for the pain of the victims of terrorism, for the frustration of the Armed Forces. and the police, for the dignity, pride and hope of a people that cries to get out of the crisis. because, cWith the cry of the people united in one heart, for God’s sake, I come to this chamber to request the presidential vacancy of President Castillo. Here I have the motion for presidential vacancy ready. We need the signatures of 26 congressmen. Do not be afraid”, he indicated.

The reactions came immediately. At the beginning, the support that Chirinos received was timid. Norma Yarrow, Alejandro Cavero, Rosselli Amuruz and Adriana Tudela from the same bench were tweeting their support one by one. However, that endorsement was insufficient, since 26 signatures are needed to present the vacancy motion, 52 votes in favor are needed to admit it to debate; and to vacate the president, a qualified majority of Parliament is needed, that is, 87 votes.

(With information from Agencia Andina)


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