Ecuador confirms Iván Duque’s visit to Quito to discuss the security issue

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, in a file photo. EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda

Quito, Nov 20 (EFE) .- The Government of Ecuador confirmed the official visit that the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, will make to Quito this Sunday to outline security strategies, among other issues, with his Ecuadorian counterpart, Guillermo Lasso.
The General Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency indicated in a statement that Lasso will receive Duque at the Carondelet presidential palace, in the historic center of Quito, where they will lead a “high-level meeting.”
The meeting will allow both leaders and their ministerial teams to discuss “different aspects of the bilateral relationship, the exchange of experiences” and outline “security strategies,” the Secretariat said.
Likewise, the meeting will evaluate the “possible route of action to address common needs and problems” aimed at protecting “the well-being of its citizens,” added the source.
The Communication Secretariat indicated that “after the meeting, in the afternoon, the authorities are expected to provide statements to the press.”
Duque’s official visit to Quito was announced this Friday in Bogotá, where it was specified that the Colombian president will remain in the Ecuadorian capital for about eight hours.
The two leaders are expected to hold a private meeting to which other members of both governments will later join, according to official Colombian sources.
Later, Lasso will offer a lunch to President Duque and his entourage, they will exchange decorations and close the day with a joint statement to the press.
Lasso took office in his country on May 24 and after nine days he made his first official trip to Colombia, where he was received by Duque at the Casa de Nariño.
The two presidents met again on August 14 at the common border, where they inaugurated a road corridor over the Mataje River.
For some years now, the two governments have also held regular meetings with the cabinet ministers, in which they discuss matters of bilateral interest in different fields.
Duque’s visit to Quito comes at a time when President Lasso is facing various difficulties such as an acute prison crisis, due to the killings between gangs of inmates who are fighting for control of the prisons and who, according to the authorities, maintain ties with drug cartels from Colombia and Mexico.
The Ecuadorian president has said that in his eagerness to solve the prison crisis, he has the support of governments of friendly countries such as the United States, Israel and Colombia, among others.

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