Criticism of Spahn’s BioNTech cap

Status: 20.11.2021 5:33 a.m.

Stored Moderna cans threaten to expire – this is another reason why they should be used instead of the BioNTech vaccine. Criticism of the Greens and the FDP comes, among other things, at this advance by the Ministry of Health.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has come under fire for the announcement that the BioNTech vaccine will be capped at general practitioners. The so-called booster vaccinations should instead be carried out more with the vaccine from Moderna.

Green health expert Janosch Dahmen wrote on Twitter: “We shouldn’t do that! We need anything but a handbrake when vaccinating.” The BioNTech vaccine is particularly well tolerated by young people. The choice between different vaccines also plays a role in the decision for the first vaccination.

FDP parliamentary group vice Michael Theurer even spoke of a “bad joke”. Massive vaccinations are needed to ensure the booster effect in the short term and to increase the vaccination rate. Defining maximum quantities here is “absolutely counterproductive and sends a completely wrong signal. Everything that can be inoculated must be inoculated.”

“Spahn torpedoes the project”

The German Foundation for Patient Protection also accused Spahn of obstructing the planned increase in booster vaccinations. “While the incumbent Chancellor, the heads of government of the federal states and the Bundestag are calling for the big booster offensive, Jens Spahn is torpedoing the project,” said CEO Eugen Brysch of the dpa news agency. Because obviously there are not enough freely selectable vaccines for people who want to vaccinate.

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) stated after the announcement that, due to the limitation on Biontech orders from November 23, a significantly increased need for advice can be expected in the practices. According to available study data and according to the Standing Vaccination Commission, both vaccines are equivalent. “Nevertheless, there will be a great need for explanation, which ties up valuable time that is then missing for vaccination,” said KBV vice-chairman Stephan Hofmeister.

Ministry wants to avoid Moderna decay

The ministry announced yesterday that enough vaccine for booster vaccinations would be available by the end of the year. Since BioNTech’s preparation has so far made up more than 90 percent of orders, more Moderna should be used. This should ensure that sufficient vaccine is available in the short term. In addition, stored Moderna cans expired from the middle of the first quarter of 2022, but this must be avoided.

As a result, doctors in Germany will no longer be able to order as much corona vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer as they want from next week. The maximum order quantity will be limited to 30 doses of vaccine per resident doctor, according to a letter from the ministry ARD capital studio is present. Vaccination centers and mobile vaccination teams could order 1,020 doses per week.

The Ministry of Health has set a target of 20 to 25 million booster vaccinations by the end of the year.

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