Crime on VAT-free Day: thieves posed as Sijin agents to rob the unwary

Crime in Bogotá does not give up, less on a day like today when thieves know that a large part of the citizenry makes several purchases to Take advantage of the benefit of the second Day without VAT in Colombia.

The attempted theft was recorded on the morning of this Friday, November 19, outside a chain store located in the center of the capital. On Carrera 30 with Calle 10, several citizens lined up to enter the establishment when they were intercepted by the three thieves.

In accordance with the provisions of the authorities, who managed to thwart the robbery, the criminals posed as Sijin agents to enter into trust with the citizens who were preparing to make their purchases.

With false police cards, the criminals managed to approach citizens and later obtain several cell phones and money from at least three of the people who were waiting outside the chain store, as reported by the authorities of the country’s capital.

According to the version given to Noticias Caracol by one of the citizens who was on the site, The subjects approached assuring that they had to verify the citizens’ documentation, because a large-scale theft had occurred in that sector.

In this way, they had access to the wallets of buyers in the sector, as well as personal items such as cell phones.

“We were there in the warehouse wanting to go in to do our shopping, when suddenly a car arrives and intercepts us, telling us that a large robbery had occurred, so they were looking for the belongings and investigated. So what if We could collaborate with our cell phones to see if they were legal or stolen and as the Sijin card showed us we showed them the cell phone and there they robbed us”Said another of the victims.

Once they had fulfilled their mission, the criminals fled without counting that members of the National Police would react immediately to the emergency call made by one of the victims. In an effort to flee, the thieves, who were traveling in a car with false license plates, collided with another vehicle that was passing through the sector.

In the authorities’ pursuit of the vehicle in which the criminals were transported, a crossfire was recorded. Brigadier General Jairo Alfonso Baquero Puentes, Bogotá Metropolitan Police Operational Commander, assured that no fatalities or injured persons were recorded in these events.

“As you can tell, a weapon was seized. These criminals attempted against the lives of the police, the uniformed men reacted with their firearms and we have no injured or dead people either. Additionally, while the criminals were fleeing, trying to escape from the police, they crashed a vehicle, ”explained the Bogotá Metropolitan Police Operation commander.

Brigadier General Jairo Alfonso Baquero Puentes also reported that Six cell phones that had been stolen were recovered, as well as more than two and a half million pesos.

It should be remembered that the Bogotá Police had 750 uniformed men to guard and guarantee security in the streets of the city, especially in the sectors of concentration of commerce where possibly a greater number of citizens go to make their purchases on the Day without VAT.


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