Crime in Chosica: 18-year-old girl is shocked after robbery and can no longer speak or move alone

Crime in Chosica. Photo: Capture Panamericana Tv.

An 18-year-old student is in shock after suffering an armed robbery last Sunday in the district of Lurigancho, in Chosica. Now can’t talk or move around without the help of a third party.

“He cannot walk, nor does he have resistance in his hand, nor can he speak, he only gestures or points. We ask her what she needs, if she wants to eat or something else and she answers us by nodding her head “, said Father Marilyn Vilcapoma.

As reported by his relatives to Panamericana Tv, the victim has already been reviewed by specialists and needs psychological treatment to function on a day-to-day basis as he did before the assault.

Marilyn is a student of physiotherapy, a career that she studied at night, since in the mornings she worked as a sewing assistant for contribute to the household economy and pay for their studies.

Unfortunately, as a result of the shock she suffered after the theft, she cannot take a step on her own. “I feel sad and worried. Now we take care of her, but what will become of her future, we wonder. She wanted to open her own physiotherapy office, that was her goal ”, his father explained.

According to the psychotherapist Manuel Saravia, the disorder that Marilyn suffered is extremely strange. “It is a stressful situation that triggers this type of disorder. This is what is called conversion disorder or dissociative disorder, whereby the person begins to have neurological signs and symptoms, which in some people could have this type of reaction “commented the specialist.

“In some cases, the person cannot speak or walk, they even convulse. Blindness can also occur “he continued.

What corresponds in these situations is to follow a psychiatric treatment, with medications and psychotherapeutic techniques, which will help reduce anxiety levels.

However, the young woman’s father maintained that they do not have the necessary resources to begin the process of recovering their daughter. “I ask for everyone’s help”, she expressed through tears. Any help for Marilyn Vilcapoma can be given through the cell number 930 642 169.


The head of the Ministry of the Interior, Avelino Guillen, announced a series of measures to combat crime, which includes the frontal fight against gangs and criminal organizations and the strengthening of police intelligence.

Among the measures provided, Guillen focused on strengthening the Safe Neighborhood program and the Neighborhood Councils. “The contribution of citizens is essential in the fight against crime. They are the eyes and ears of the Police, they know the places where drugs are sold and where the illegal activity takes place ”.

The minister also referred to the need to articulate with the municipalities to develop crime prevention strategies and pointed out that if police and security officers join forces, we will be able to advance towards the defeat of crimes.

“Crime will not disappear, but it must be reversed that it has the initiative in the country. Yesterday I read that in Villa María del Triunfo they robbed for the fourth time in a popular dining room. Crime affects everyone equally, but it hurts people with fewer resources more ”.

Guillén also stated that a package of measures is being prepared to reduce the circulation of illegal firearms, given that “in Peru it is easier to buy a weapon than a cell phone,” he commented.

“For a cell phone, they ask you for a series of documents and you have to do a procedure, but the weapons are obtained in the ‘cachina’, quickly, that has to end. It is not possible that firearms are always used in all criminal acts ”, express.

In addition, it raised the seizure of firearms in illicit markets such as the “cachinas” and other places that are known to the National Police. Voluntary surrender of weapons is also another measure that is included, considering that it worked well previously.


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