Chicago Bulls clinch 108-114 win over Denver Nuggets

Chicago Bulls defeated as a visitor Denver Nuggets by 108-114 on a new NBA day. In the previous round, the Denver Nuggets players were defeated at home against Philadelphia 76ers by 89-103, so after the game they added a total of four consecutive defeats. For their part, the Chicago Bulls also lost at home with Portland Trail Blazers by 112-107. With this result, Chicago Bulls accumulates 11 victories in 16 games played in the competition, while Denver Nuggets it remains with nine victories in 16 games played.

The first quarter had variations in the score of both teams, in fact, the Denver Nuggets players came to win by 12 points (26-14) and their rivals by two (28-30) until they finished with a 30-30. Later, during the second quarter, the visiting team players distanced themselves in the electronic game, which ended with a partial result of 22-23. After this, the players came to rest with a 52-53 on the counter.

In the third quarter Chicago Bulls he distanced himself on the scoreboard, went on to win by 12 points (65-77) until concluding with a partial result of 26-35 and a 78-88 overall result. Finally, in the course of the last quarter the local players cut distances, although not enough to win the match and the quarter ended with a partial result of 30-26. After all this, the duel ended with a score of 108-114 for the visitors.

The triumph of Chicago Bulls It was due in part thanks to 36 points, four assists and five rebounds from Zach Lavine and the 26 points, four assists and six rebounds of Demar Derozan. The 28 points, four assists and nine rebounds of Aaron Gordon and the 23 points, three assists and four rebounds of Will Barton they were not enough for Denver Nuggets won the match.

On the next round of the NBA, Denver Nuggets will play against Phoenix Suns at Phoenix Suns Arena, while the next meeting of Chicago Bulls will be against New York Knicks at United Center.

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