“Arcane” reaches its final act on Netflix, will it have season 2?

“Arcane” premiered the final act of its first season. (Credit / Netflix).

League of Legends has become a strong attraction for other formats beyond video games and Arcane is the proof of it. This November 20, Netflix premiered the last three episodes, but … could there be a season 2? The final chapter could give us the answer with the last scene and, although nothing is said, the president of Riot Entertainment had given a light of hope before its launch. The plot of the series includes remembered champions of the video game: Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, Viktor, Ekko y Heimerdinger.

With 9 episodes, divided into three acts, the story hooked fans of the Riot Games’ multiplayer hit and to viewers who did not know this video game. The release of the fiction has definitely managed to unite in a single weekly premiere event very different user groups who have one characteristic in common: the fascination for adventure and drama between the cities Piltover and Zaun, both of which are part of Runeterra. .

It all starts with Vi and Powder, two sisters who lost their parents to the war and are adopted by Vander, a fighter who defended his own in this confrontation and left behind the days of hitting with his huge gloves when he settled in Zaun with a bar business. A few years later, a teenage girl Vi and her little sister, Powder, team up with Mylo and Claggor to start looting the city above Piltover for juicy rewards. However, the irruption of young people to the laboratory of scientist Jayce changes the course of their lives.

Arcane, the adaptation based on the League of Legends
“Arcane”, the animated series based on “League of Legends”. (Credit / Netflix)

The creation of Hextech is a central theme in Arcaneas it frames the tensions between Piltover and Zaun for many years. In episode 4 there is a jump in time, where the main characters grow and mature until they become, in many cases, totally different beings.


Alert, spoilers ahead! The final act of Arcane focuses on Jayce’s (Kevin Alejandro) crisis for ending the problems between the two cities with restrictive and unequal measures, while ex-convict Vi (Hailee Steinfeld), police officer Caitlyn (Katie Leung) and Ekko, to whom we return To see from the first episodes, they work together to return the Hex gem and prevent it from falling into the hands of Silco (Jason Spisak), who uses Jinx to create destructive weapons for his incredible ingenuity.

Powder (Ella Purnell), confused between her past and her new identity as Jinx, follows in her sister’s footsteps. On the other hand, Viktor (Harry Lloyd) experiments in his body to heal from his illness and regain the mobility of his leg, the problem will be that he will summon a much higher force that will be impossible to control.

Chapter nine, entitled “The Monster You Created”, culminates with the explosive ending scene for Jinx as she uses the Hex gem in her bazooka to shoot straight, from Zaun, into the council room. Vi and Caitlyn, whom she had kidnapped, manage to free themselves and go after her, but it seems that it is too late. It is an open ending and that could lead to a continuation that portrays the war that was initially wanted to avoid between Piltover and Zaun.

I don’t think most of Hollywood realizes how massive this is.“Said Shauna Spenley, president of Riot Entertainment, in an interview with Los Angeles Times. “I think we have a great opportunity to build incredible organic stories within this world, and for it to quietly build and become the intellectual property that defines a generation is going to take a little time.”.

Although Netflix and Riot Games haven’t confirmed a season 2 for Arcane, Spenley’s past statements open a door to the hope of many fans to continue watching more of the series of League of Legends and a satisfying ending for the story of the main characters.


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