Amnesty International supports the decriminalization of abortion in Colombia

AME116. BOGOTÁ (COLOMBIA), 03/02/2020.- People in favor of legal abortion demonstrate this Monday in front of the Constitutional Court, which is discussing its total decriminalization in Bogotá (Colombia). EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda

Amnesty International entered the abortion debate that has been quite relevant these days in Colombia. The NGO stated that it was in favor of decriminalization.

Fernanda Doz Costa, Director for the Americas at Amnesty International, insisted that decriminalizing abortion is not promoting it, but rather to allow women and girls who decide to terminate their pregnancy to do so safely and without risking death.

“The human rights treaties that protect the right to life, to personal integrity, to the decision about their own bodies of women and girls, establish and have progressed in their interpretation of the need to remove abortion from the Penal Code, this does not mean promoting abortion, this means giving women and girls who have already made the decision to have an abortion the option to do so safely, not to die trying and that the health people who help them in this process do not put their safety and their enrollment at risk to practice their profession, ”Amnesty International explained.

Fernanda Doz also indicated that it is evident that women also ask for sex education; But decriminalization is a crucial issue to save lives.

This, as many organizations in different territories have argued over the years, because although abortion is not legal, it is a procedure that has been carried out and would continue to be carried out clandestinely, for which reason many women have died due to not having access to it. the professional medical support necessary for this procedure.

“I tell them that you really have to see what lives matter, because it is statistically proven around the world that when abortion is decriminalized, fewer women die from clandestine abortions and sometimes even the number of abortions decreases,” argued Fernanda Doz.

“Because being able to perform the abortion in the hospital and doing it safely and losing stigma also opens up a series of possibilities for these women to consult during their pregnancy, make informed decisions and if we are in favor of life we ​​have to defend that each woman makes her decision without interference from third parties”Added Amnesty International’s Director for the Americas.

Just Cause called on the Constitutional Court

The Just Cause movement called on the Constitutional Court after the debate was suspended due to an impediment presented by magistrate Alejandro Linares and that could not be resolved last Thursday.

The magistrates of the high court were unable to resolve Linares’ request as he was left with four votes in favor of the impediment and four votes against. Thus, the deputy judge Hernando Yepes Arcila, will evaluate the situation of the magistrate and it is he who makes the final decision. Once that part is resolved, the Court would resume the debate on abortion, which for now is suspended.

Taking into account that the deadline to make a decision on the decriminalization of abortion in Colombia, after the lawsuit filed by Causa Justa more than a year ago, the movement called for the impediment to be resolved as soon as possible and to be able to to process the punctuality of the matter.

“The Just Cause movement calls on the Constitutional Court to make an early decision. Otherwise, in a country where access to abortion is limited and difficult due to multiple barriers to accessing the service, girls and women who live in contexts of vulnerability they will continue to be disproportionately impacted and criminalized. It is they who expose their lives in unsafe abortions for fear of going to health services where they are denounced”Pointed out the movement.


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