“Accidental shootings” cause panic at Atlanta airport

Some “accidental shots” caused a brief scene of panic this Saturday inside the Atlanta airport, congested during the weekend before the American celebration of Thanksgiving Day, although the directive assured that there was “no danger”.

“Around 1:30 PM today (6:30 PM GMT), a gun was accidentally fired at the ATL (Atlanta airport) security checkpoint,” announced the Twitter account of the airport in this populous city in the southeastern United States.

“There is no shooter at the airport,” added the source, stating that the police were at the scene. In another tweet moments later, the airport insisted that there was “no danger to passengers or employees” and that an investigation is ongoing.

So far, no injuries have been reported.

Many people ducked when they heard a loud detonation, and others ran, knocking down suitcases in their wake, trying to escape, a video broadcast on CNN showed.

People could be heard shouting “Get down!” While others slid across the ground. Some took refuge in airport restaurants, while some even ran onto the runway.

The Atlanta airport has not specified what type of weapon it was or who it belonged to, or whether the incident caused disturbances in scheduled flights.

Airports in the United States are highly frequented during the weekend before Thanksgiving, one of the most important celebrations in the country.



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