Who are the guests of Juana Viale, Andy Kusnetzoff and Luis Novaresio for the weekend

Juanita Viale, Andy Kusnetzoff and Luis Novaresio

This long weekend, the television channels will have an interesting offer of programming so that the spectators can enjoy themselves and can be entertained and informed at the same time. Next, a review by the guests of the most tempting proposals to prepare the remote control.

Everything will start on Friday at 22 when Gaston pauls start a new episode of Free Beings on the Chronicle HD screen. The actor will receive the journalist and writer in the studio Valeria Schapira: “Stop thinking about yourself and connect a little more with others,” proposes the author in an emotional and open-hearted talk, like those that usually occur in the cycle.

On Saturday from 9:30 p.m. a new edition of Mirtha’s night with the driving of Juana Viale by the screen of El Trece. On this occasion, the host will share the table with: the elected deputy of Avanza Libertad, José Luis Espert; the Mayor of Tres de Febrero, Diego Valenzuela; the journalist Monica Gutierrez; journalist Rolando Barbano; and the candidate for president for the space “Independent Unit, Fabián Doman who has just left his position as institutional director of Edenor.

On the other hand, Andy Kusnetzoff will be in front at 22 by Telefe of the cycle PH, we can talk in its fifth season. In the new program, the live guests at the meeting point will be: the comedian Roberto Moldavsky; the artist Ivan Noble; the musician of the tropical scene Roberto Edgar; the dancer Adabel Guerrero; and Flor Vigna who just launched as a singer.

Juana Viale will be in charge of the El Trece cycles like every weekend
Juana Viale will be in charge of the El Trece cycles like every weekend

Recently, the former winner of the Dancing He remembered the bad moment that happened when he starred with Nicolas Cabré on My brother is a clone (El Trece) and had a strong fight with Laurita Fernández. “Yes, I suffered a lot because it was my first leading role and it is very difficult to compete against you, against everything that is talked about in real life … There were many show programs talking about the three of us and I wanted them to talk about the strip, the first leading role he had, “he said in an interview in The angels of the morning.

Also, the girlfriend of Luciano Castro placeholder image He pointed out: “I suffered a lot because, apart, all the time we are healing from a patriarchal society and they were talking back about two mines fighting a chabón and he was a garrón.” Later, he added: “I never spoke much of the subject also a little bit for fear of not working as much. I do not share his ways of working at all. Many have said it. I also understand that when you have a career and you entertain it a lot and put it in the place of celebrity, and there are things that are more normal for you ”.

On Sunday at 1:30 p.m. he will return Juanita Avenue with the classic program Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand by El Trece. Television and music figures will be guests: the journalist and host Nelson Castro; the actor Diego ramos; Degree in Nutrition Laura Romano; and the singer FALLS OFF.

While Luis Novaresio will conduct on Sunday a new edition of I must say, the cycle that is emitted at 21 o’clock by the screen of America. The host and journalist will have a pleasant talk with five personalities from music and television, such as Pancho Ibáñez, Paz Martínez, Belén Francese, Fabián Doman and Ana Rosenfeld, the lawyer who is going through a painful time for the loss of her husband Marcelo Frydlewski, who died on October 9 as a result of COVID-19 in Miami, where the couple had traveled to visit one of their daughters and grandchildren.

I must say
Luis Novaresio with the guests of I must say


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