Vacancy against Pedro Castillo: Opposition and ruling party react after Keiko Fujimori’s announcement

Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo. Photo: Andina.

Keiko Fujimori’s announcement about supporting the request for presidential vacancy against Pedro Castillo has shaken national politics. From the opposition they are against removing the Cajamarca professor from power, while from the ruling party they accuse her of “coup plotters”.

Through her Twitter account, the head of Fuerza Popular joined the request of Congresswoman Patricia Chirinos, from Avanza País, to vacate President Castillo before the end of the year and explained that her bench will sign the vacancy motion due to that this government “He has been showing a permanent inability to lead the country.”


Guillermo Bermejo – Free Peru Congressman

For this reason, Guillermo Bermejo, parliamentarian of the ruling party Free Peru, lashed out at Popular Force, Country Advances and Popular Renewal for promoting and supporting the vacancy motion.

“The benches of López Aliaga, Keiko Fujimori and Hernando de Soto are going for the vacancy. How are they alike? In which all supported and benefited from the Fujimori dictatorship and do not forgive democracy for not being able to return to power even with masks or disguises. The people will not forgive them for this umpteenth attempt to destabilize Peru. They do not have the votes and they will see the response from the streets. Not pass!”, Bermejo wrote on his social networks.

Carlos Anderson – Congressman of Podemos Peru

For his part, Congressman Carlos Anderson, from Podemos Peru, explained that there are sectors of the “extreme right” that are asking for the president to be vacated, although they are a “minority” in Parliament.

“You have to be very frank, there are sectors of the extreme right that do not hide that what they most want is to evacuate the president, but they are the minority. It is a pity that they are the ones who focus the attention of the citizens ”, Anderson pointed out.

“Like me, many of my colleagues in Congress are convinced that we have to strengthen the institutional framework. That implies, whether we like it or not, that President Castillo remains until 2026 and that, on July 28, he hands over the command to whoever has been democratically elected “he continued.

Vladimir Cerrón – Peru Libre leader

Meanwhile, the leader of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, branded all the groups trying to evacuate Pedro Castillo as coup plotters.

“Fujimorism entered Congress on several fronts, Popular Force, Avanza País and Popular Renovation, the call for vacancy shows them, but there is something that Keiko Fujimori and his substitutes do not learn and that is that the coup plotters end up being beaten by the people”, he specified.


The Popular Force bench will support the request for vacancy against President Pedro Castillo, as stated by Keiko Fujimori through his social networks.

As explained by its leader, the decision to support the vacancy is taken because this government “has been showing a permanent inability to lead the country.”

“At Fuerza Popular we believe that this government has been showing a permanent inability to lead the country. For this reason, the bench has decided to sign the motion for presidential vacancy, “he tweeted.

However, he regretted that the request to remove the head of state from power has not been made in consensus with the other benches.

“There are moments when political groups must define their positions, beyond the speeches, in the facts. The future of the country should not be subjected to political calculations or votes. It is about principles and convictions ”, he specified.

Capture: @KeikoFujimori
Capture: @KeikoFujimori

In turn, the spokesman for Popular Renovation, Jorge Montoya, who the day before had said that it was not the time to present a vacancy, assured that his bench will support the vacancy motion, indicating that he considers it positive that they reach the signatures to call President Pedro Castillo to Congress.

“What I said was that it was not the political moment […] We have an established political moment and we thought it was not convenient because the votes were not going to be obtained ”, the former admiral told the press.

He added that he thinks it is a good idea to call the president to Congress. “If the votes are obtained so that he comes, it does not matter that he goes to vacate, it would not be specifically to obtain the vacancy unless it is obtained in the interim, it would be a way for the president to be accountable to Parliament.”

With the accession of Fuerza Popular and Renovación Popular, the motion for presidential vacancy would reach the necessary signatures to be admitted for discussion in a plenary session of parliament.


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