The lawyer for the policemen who shot Lucas: “If the judge orders the arrest, they will comply”

In the midst of the commotion over the death of Lucas Gonzalez, the lawyer representing the three police officers involved in the case pointed out that the defense does not rule out the arrests “due to the seriousness of the case”. The lawyer Alfredo Oliván He also assured that his clients, who fThey were separated from the Buenos Aires force after shooting the 17-year-old boy, “They are looking for an explanation about how the event happened”. He also confirmed that at that time they were engaged in an operation against drug trafficking.

48 hours after what happened, Oliván said that the reflection made by the inspector Gabriel Alejandro Isassi, the oldest Fabian Lopez and the officer Jose Nievas “It is sadness and pain.” “They are looking for the explanation about how everything happened. Their situation is one of pain for a regrettable death. Obviously it is not comparable to that of Lucas’s relatives, “he said in statements to TN.

The lawyer described what happened as “a dramatic event” and regarding the investigation, he indicated that he prefers to maintain prudence while the expertises advance, “without assuring or denying any hypothesis.”

“I understand that society’s patience is little, but there are very specific details. The shots that caused death were two. You have to see who was the author of those shots, or if it was more than one. It is necessary to determine how many shots came from each weapon, if at all.. I want to know who, why and how he fired, “he said.

And he added: “A person shoots when he feels, perceives or imagines an attack. The context must be understood from the perspective of the person who is in that situation ”.

The three policemen involved in the event
The three policemen involved in the event

What the lawyer did reveal is what the three officers were doing on Wednesday morning at one of the entrances to Villa 21-24, in the Barracas neighborhood, where the shooting took place: “They were on missions that the Public Prosecutor of the City of Buenos Aires gave them for crimes related to the drug trade”, he counted.

Before concluding, Oliván announced that his clients “have no convictions.” He also assured that “There is no risk of flight or danger of hindering the investigation” So what does not rule out requests for arrests due to the seriousness of the case. “If the judge orders the arrest, they will go and carry it out,” he said.

This morning, the head of the National Juvenile Court No. 4, Alejandro Rodolfo Cilleruelo, prohibited the three defendants from leaving the country and, simultaneously, declared himself incompetent. Thus, the file passed to the criminal jurisdiction of the elderly.

Lucas was 17 years old
Lucas was 17 years old

The case

It was 10 a.m. on Wednesday, November 17, and a few meters from one of the entrances to Villa 21-24, in Barracas, the three plainclothes policemen from Commune 4D, aboard an unidentifiable mobile, a Nissan Tiida, They observed the Volkswagen Suran leaving the settlement and crossed it. According to the official version, they gave him the voice of halt to identify its occupants but, supposedly, the car did not brake.

It was then that a persecution began. Always according to what the Police indicated, at the intersection of General Iriarte and Vélez Sarsfield avenues, in front of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the plainclothes agents managed to stand next to the car in which Lucas and his friends were traveling, but the young people In response and always based on the official version, they rammed into the driver’s door of the Nissan and injured one of its occupants.

That was when the shooting began. Later, the youths accelerated the car and escaped, but they were arrested about five blocks away, at the Alvarado and Perdriel intersection. Lucas had been shot in the head. The boy was transferred to the Penna hospital, from where he was referred to the El Cruce de Florencio Varela hospital: He died there yesterday after being diagnosed with brain death.

The car driven by the City police officers who shot Lucas González in Barracas
The car driven by the City police officers who shot Lucas González in Barracas

Two of Lucas’s three friends ended up in custodys. A fourth young man, accompanied by his mother, turned himself in later Wednesday at Police Station 4D. All were housed at the Inchausti Institute by order of Cilleruelo, and they were released a day later.

Meanwhile, Cintia, Lucas’s mother, said that her son left training at the Barracas Central club where he played, along with four other teammates, who had gone to try out at the club. Before continuing, the woman said, they stopped to buy a juice and on that journey, depending on what the family knows, they stopped the car with policemen.

“From what the father of one of the boys told us, they thought they were going to be mugged. So, they accelerated and in that way they shot my son“Said the mother with a broken voice in Radio With You.

The expertise of the case was in charge of the Federal Police: they were the ones who kept the weapons of the three policemen involved in the death of Lucas, the ones who examined the boys’ car and discovered that it had four bullet wounds, the who lifted the 9-millimeter caliber pods from the street in Barracas and those who will check the projectiles found at the scene. Also those who found a plastic revolver in the back of the VW Suran.


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