America between new vaccine reinforcements and waves of contagion that do not stop

A woman receives a vaccine against covid-19 today, in El Alto (Bolivia). EFE / Martin Alipaz

America writing, Nov 19 (EFE) .- America advances in its fight to contain covid-19 and while some countries in the region have already suffered the wave of the third peak of infections, now Bolivia and Paraguay confirm the fourth and third wave, respectively, while the US announced this Friday the reinforcement of immunizations to all adults.
The continent already registers 95.5 million infections with 2.32 million deaths, according to the map of the World Health Organization (WHO), and among the countries of concern is Nicaragua with the presence of the four variants.
Vaccine batches do not stop arriving in different countries despite delays in some and the constant call from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) about the unequal distribution of immunizations.
The continent already counts 1,312.3 million doses administered against covid-19, of which 566.7 million have the complete scheme, and only 688.8 million have the first vaccines of the plan.
Given these figures, the director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa Etienne, pointed out last Wednesday that more than half of the population in the Americas has received the complete schedule of vaccination against covid-19.
“Today we have reached an important milestone,” Etienne said, referring to this data and celebrating that 3.5 million more doses will arrive in the region this week.
Despite this news, the PAHO Director stressed the differences between countries in the rate of vaccination and recalled that in Guatemala, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Haiti “less than 20% of the people” have been fully immunized.
The United States is the country hardest hit by the pandemic with more than 768,000 deaths since March 2020 and an advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended a booster dose of Pfizer vaccines. and Modern for all adults in the country.
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted by eleven votes in favor and none against in favor of this recommendation, which allows all those over 18 years of age to have access to the booster vaccine in the next few hours. .
Until now, health authorities had approved the use of the third dose for people over 65, as well as adults with medical problems or high risk of contracting the disease.
The Bolivian health authorities confirmed a new epidemic peak, the fourth, with a slow but sustained increase in cases that this week has managed to surpass the barrier of a thousand infections a day.
This is due to the relaxation of biosecurity measures, recent social conflicts and relative assistance of the population to vaccination centers, within the framework of the immunization plan for the population over 12 years of age.
Although the nine regions of the country have presented increases in cases in the last week, the fatality is only 0.8% compared to the first peak in mid-2020, which was 6.2%, in addition to the second and third waves for the first semester of this year with records of 2.7% and 2.8%, respectively.
And while countries such as Chile, Argentina or Colombia surpassed the third wave of infections, Paraguay is now facing it after the consecutive increase in cases in three of its departments (provinces) during the last eight weeks, authorities of the Ministry of Health reported this Friday. That country.
The general director of Health Surveillance, Sandra Irala, pointed out that most of the infections are from unvaccinated people.
“This wave that is already being drawn at the country level is based on unvaccinated people; then, it is a re-outbreak of the disease, a wave that for our country is the third and for other countries it is the fourth,” he said.
PAHO reported that the four variants of covid-19 are already circulating in Nicaragua, information that until now the Administration of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has not made public.
The presence of the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma variants in Nicaragua was reported by the PAHO Incident Manager, Sylvain Aldighieri, in a teleconference of the organization, in which he said he had information provided by the Ministry of Health itself.
“We have received the information requested from the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health and that highlights the identification in Nicaragua of the four variants of concern,” said Aldighieri.
The Nicaraguan Government, which has not referred to the presence of variants, summoned non-official doctors last July who had warned about their existence, who later, according to denouncements, were warned of violating the Cybercrime Law in case of providing information not official.

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