Amaral makes Madrid finally jump into color … 608 days later

The Amaral group in a file photo. EFE / Jero Morales

Madrid, Nov 19 (EFE) .- Amaral published in 2019 a vitalist album that on March 21, 2020 should have taken them to a boiling Wizink Center, had it not been for the pandemic that broke out a few days before and truncated their attempts several times. back … until today, “608 days later”, when the duo finally gave their “Leap to color” here.
“Thank you because with the first postponement, very few of you returned the tickets and that, in such a difficult time, was a gesture of affection that meant a lot to us,” Eva Amaral stressed in this event towards the recovery of the old normality.
More than 12,500 people, the full capacity allowed by the latest sanitary restrictions against covid-19, have danced and jumped in the Palacio de los Deportes of the Community of Madrid, all with masks, but with the track cleared of chairs for some time days and no separation seats in the stands.
“We are here tonight at last together and we can see you dance!”, Celebrated with her partner Juan Aguirre the artist from Zaragoza, who has barely “contained the tears” throughout the evening, exciting in many moments.
His return to the Wizink Center has brought a generous show of more than two hours in which 27 songs have been played, including all those from that last album, “Salto al color”, which meant his return to the most vivid and optimistic rhythms after two previous works in which they abounded in a more rocky and / or nocturnal facet.
Precisely “Signs”, extracted from that album, has started the music when a few minutes passed 9 at night, with a start like taken from “Encounters in the third phase” in which Eva Amaral has broken in with a helmet of crystals that multiplied the beams of light.
It was the same start that could be seen at the Dcode festival in Madrid shortly after the album was released in 2019, in front of the same polyhedral screen, a kind of futuristic swarm that has been kept for almost two years waiting to be illuminated again.
“Well high the look”, the song to the diversity of “Mares equal to you,” Halconera “, a spellbinding” Soledad “to the beat of the bailaora Lucía Ruibal,” Lluvia “or” Ruido “have also had their opportunity to sound big, just like “Among the crowd”, a surprising electronic blast that they composed to celebrate this type of massive musical rituals and in which they sang, without knowing what was coming, “We will not meet again.”
“But today we have found ourselves in the crowd again,” exclaimed Eva Amaral, exultant, after demonstrating over and over the solidity of her throat and that the stoppage of large formats (they continued to play in smaller acoustic events) has not diminished its quality as a stage animal.
And of course the great successes have not been lacking either. A few minutes after the beginning, “The universe about me” and “Marta, Sebas, Guille and the others” have already sounded, while throughout the repertoire they have marked “How to speak”, “Revolution”, “Summer days” or “I would die for you.”
The public, delivered despite the fact that the sound has not been as clear as it would have been desirable at times, has given itself fully to this party, which has culminated with more “hits”, “Running away” and “Without you I am not nada “, and, as a final closing,” Peces de colores “, to finally paint Madrid in shades other than gray.
Javier Herrero.

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