“With saliva nothing is solved”: Mothers Seekers of Sonora attacked AMLO and Durazo

The group reported no response from the authorities (Photo: Facebook / Madres Buscadoras de Sonora)

Last Friday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador held his usual morning conference in Sonora. Thus, accompanied by Alfonso Durazo, governor of the entity, he expressed the plans for economic growth and improvements in security that he has planned for the inhabitants of said region.

“We have no right to fail and we are not going to fail him. Todor what we are today I owe to the people of Sonora and the fourth transformation. My commitment, to live up to the responsibility, that the project and the people of Sonora have entrusted to me. Even when the issue is safety, today marks 60 days since I assumed responsibility and I cannot fail to mention that Sonora is experiencing a turning point, We have gone from an elitist government, marked by waste and corruption, to a government committed to transparency, ”Durazo said in his participation.

However, the Madres Buscadoras de Sonora collective was not silent about these statements and mentioned in their social networks the little support they have received from state authorities to continue the search for your missing loved ones.

The entity of Sonora has been the subject of disputes between criminal groups (Photo: Twitter / Buscarasonora)
The entity of Sonora has been the subject of disputes between criminal groups (Photo: Twitter / Buscarasonora)

“Nature says that children must bury their parents. Losing a child is very painful, but to have it disappeared is to die every day, slowly, in an anguished and indescribable uncertainty. It is waking up at midnight drowning with your own tears, “they remarked from their Twitter account.

In the same way, they delved into the fact that they had to leave many parts of their lives to dedicate themselves to the work they do and they constantly encounter more difficult obstacles.

We search for our missing by giving up our own lives they are always threatened. So to suffer for everything material is to disrespect pain, ”they wrote.

The group pointed out that they have repeatedly requested government support, but have been ignored.

Today the president @lopezobrador_ came to Sonora to show off with his Mañanera with @ AlfonsoDurazo. They forgot to bring a plan to protect us search groups and to find our disappeared. With saliva and simulation, nothing is solved”.

And they recalled the terrible losses they have suffered due to the search tasks they carry out throughout the state.

The group asked Alfonso Durazo for a 4x4 truck (Photo: FB)
The group asked Alfonso Durazo for a 4×4 truck (Photo: FB)

“My partner #AranzaRamos was murdered for looking for her husband and recently another member of the # LettyÁlvarez collective suffered a lift for the same. Do youWhat are you doing @lopezobrador_ @AlfonsoDurazo @CNDH @FGRMexico @A_Encinas_R @SEGOB_mx @CMecanismo? ANY.”

We finally understand that we are helpless. Those who should protect us do not do so, because by raising their voices we show them for what they really are. So when a politician tells you that he is not the same as the others, it means that it is true, it is not the same, it is worse.

In this sense, recently, the group asked Alfonso Durazo for a 4×4 truck to be able to continue with their work, however, they found no response from the president.

“We have asked for a van, in fact I told Alfonso Durazo why he gave so many vans to the prosecution and not to the groups that in the end we do their job[…] President López Obrador has said that he supports the victims, that’s a lie, we don’t have anything, not even money for gasoline, ”Cecilia Patricia, president of the collective for Azucena Uresti, said recently.

Faced with this situation, the group decided to hold a raffle, where they are raffling a 2007 car to raise funds and buy the vehicle they need.


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