“When our audience felt the severity of the abuse we had to go out and ask for life to be defended”: Los Petit Fellas

Photo taken from @lospetitfellas

In the midst of the pandemic, Colombia experienced all kinds of emotions and moments that invited national artists to reflect, in the midst of a total closure of the entertainment and cultural sector, on their role in the midst of conversations. For its part, the Bogota band Los Petit Fellas accompanied those moments with their music and lyrics in three releases of 7 songs, each, in the middle of the last year, thus introducing the ‘Independent Republic of F * cking Enjoyment’.

Nicolai Fella, voice of the quintet, spoke with Infobae Colombia about the creative process of presenting a whole new album in three and with each delivery innovate with an added product that will contribute to the band’s discourse, exclusive products for collectors and fans.

When he talks about the group, which was formed in 2006, the singer emphasizes that “we are an independent band from Bogotá and we adore the groove and the black sound. We mature hip-hop, funk, jazz and rock as a language, we actually like to do what moves us. We are a group that fights for their freedom at all costs or at least for that thread of freedom that exists in art ”.

And he adds that “some say that we are too hip-hop for rock n roll; others that we are too rock n roll for jazz, others that we are too jazzy for hip-hop and within all we are people being happy making songs ”.

Independence, despite meaning much more effort for artists on the music scene, is what has led Los Petit Fellas to propose a whole discourse regarding their ‘place’, the one they have built with their songs and in which they welcome those who identify with them.

“If they are going to say something about this place, it is that we have remained in our lawWe have tried to respect the form and the substance and it is true that it is not easy, because the world works in other genres, the radio shows other things, television shows other things … but there are other ways and there are other ideas in the suburbs, in the ghettos, in the neighborhoods and there are other thoughts that generate music a bit out of tune and banalized conversation ”.

How was that independence affected when a pandemic that locks us all in?

We call the pandemic ‘madness’. And that madness dates from a scandalous sensation in front of what was going to happen to us, how long is this going to last and if we’re going to be able to keep the place alive; because there were no gigs and the gigs are where the money is. Then new needs and obligations appear and, within those obligations, a lot of ideas in which the band starts to propose a conversation with their audience to feed that distance that we had imposed by the disease.

But the band was there asking people not to forget us. What we did was work like crazy, I can say that metaphorically we open museums, We made cereal boxes, board games, magazines, sequence shots, clothes; we sold ideas and we kept making songs in our law. We kept the group alive, the place firm and there we continue with some pending presentations.

Photo taken from @lospetitfellas
Photo taken from @lospetitfellas

How did you come up with the idea of ​​making three 7-song releases and throwing a box of cereal, clothes, and finally a board game?

He arrives with great enthusiasm, he welcomes us with hope telling us not to lower our guard and to continue making songs, because it is worth doing. I also believe that in the pandemic, in any case we were not so much on the streets, we did reflect a lot about things in the world, life and our fragility, so many songs came out, 21 in total. Throughout this pandemic, 21 songs came out in which we communicated with our audience and presented them with some things that, at the end of the trip, when we created the album, leave us proud and wanting to hope that more things of this type happen.

“They don’t just play your music, they put on your clothes and love the place, they go for the cereal box and the board game. That makes us definitely have a very honest conversation with people, in which it is one thing with wool, but it is not just a conversation about money, ”said Nicolai Fella.

And people got it pretty well, that what we were trying to propose was to keep the place alive, and that was going to need some particular ideas that economically will generate other types of profits so that the five, plus the four people who inhabit the place, could be doing what we like. A very beautiful connection with the public is generated who, from the first moment, capture the essence and decide to bet on the band and believe the band and then they propose from their economy to maintain the place.

The three launches came at times of many emotions, the beginning of the pandemic, the National Strike and the last when everything was reactivated

It was nothing planned The truth is that there was also a very deep pain in recent months and it is a pain that does not go away, it is a pain that one tries to be strong, put the tab on things and continue to keep life afloat, but it does not go away and it is still there to tell us about the world and to tell us what is going on. We wonder what we should say, what should be said or what reflection should be raised and to have taken a position was counterproductive because many people were scratched with the band, they were saturated with the information.

In any case we could not pass as quiet and selling cereal boxes, we needed to take a place and a posture, and we did it from pain. But also returning to hope, pride and the desire to believe that a much kinder generation is coming and much more aware of the world that it inhabits.

“Many nights we were at home listening to how the world burned and we did not know what to do. There comes the reflection of who I am, what I do and how I can contribute from what I do, although at the end of the day one feels that it was not enough and that it is not enough. We wanted to propose this conversation about defending life and reminding ourselves from art that life must be respected, when our audience was feeling the severity of abuse we had to go out and ask for life to be defended, ”he said.

What is or where is the Independent Republic of F * cking Goce?

I think it is a state of mind. In this sea of ​​ideas in which we inhabit there are a post-apocalyptic and third world islet where people make art with their spirit swollen independence, their own capacity, discipline and work. We never sat down and waited for someone to come and sign us and tell us to make songs for the clubs, we were always clear that what we were going to do required a lot of work, to convince people.

The Independent Republic is Los Petit Fellas, it is a homeland for me, despite the fact that the homelands are inventions. I believe that it is my place and my territory, that place where I feel that I am free and I feel that I can say and I can do. It is a place that leaves, travels, changes and is nomadic, but it returns and appears where we are and we continue to maintain strong that thought of independence. “I work independently if your dad asks,” says a song on the new album, and we never liked to follow the orders and whims of the boss, especially since the boss is sometimes a tyrant. Furthermore, it is a Republic without military forces.

How does the Los Petit Fellas board game work?

We were already clear about the board game before all the other boxes, but we had to wait for the right moment to be able to do it and to understand what we wanted to tell, that this was going to be a game of what. We made a kind of Uncle Rico because ideas always go to those places that are universal references, we had to bring in a professional who knew how to understand how these dynamics work. In the game we talk about how things work here, what is done here, from that place you try to earn a living with songs.

A way to categorize the songs appears and they are the ‘mambos’ which are characteristics that, If you go to the Los Fellas discography, you will see what the mambos are and understand that there are songs in a nostalgic state, there are others that are more rebellious and incendiary, there are other songs that are deeper and much more personal. In the game you start using those songs to inhabit a series of spaces and try to deliver what it needs to the market with the songs you have.


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