What is the origin of your last name: López

The surname derives from ancient Rome. (Photo: Pinterest / Santiago Diaz) Aroca

Surname López is one of the most common in Mexico, it ranks number 4 according to the statistics of the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI).

According to INEGI data there are 4.5 million people in the country they are registered with the surname López, which began to be used in ancient Rome and throughout history its meaning has not had many variations.

The origin of this surname began with the Lupos family who were of Patrician origin and came from Queen Lupa who lived in Galicia, Spain. Later it was spreading towards Andalusia and the Iberian Peninsula. But the historical moment in which it appeared in a documented way was in the battle of the Navas de Tolosa in the year 1212 as well as in the battle of Saldo where the first knights and citizens named López appeared.

The expansion of this to Latin America it was carried out by the wars and after the conquest in Mexico by Spain. It is believed that in Mexican lands it originated from the knight Jerónimo López who in 1529 he was back in Mexico and served as secretary of the Royal Court.

The shields represented the social position of a family.  (Photo: Pinterest / Santiago Diaz Aroca)
The shields represented the social position of a family. (Photo: Pinterest / Santiago Diaz Aroca)

The meaning of López was attributed the word “governor” because its origin is Roman, but at present historical studies concluded that the patronymic of Lope together with the suffix ez means “Son of Wolves”.

This surname arose from the name Lope to which it was added ez that in the Kingdom of Castile it used to be widely used to indicate “son of”, how much in Latin America as in Spain its only meaning is considered.

This surname does not have a single shield, one of them is made up of a field of red gules with 13 gold bezants that symbolize the ancient byzantine coins, some of its variants made by various families throughout history are:

* Some shields have a wolf, because they link it with Lupus or Lope, which in Latin has the meaning of this animal that is accompanied by a golden blazon, with a saber.

* The Lion is present in the coat of arms of the Valencian López, which is divided into two parts with a saber band on each side is this animal.

The Lopez surname is the fourth most common among Mexicans.  (Photo: INEGI)
The Lopez surname is the fourth most common among Mexicans. (Photo: INEGI)

* The shield with a purple Tower made by the Aragon family, has elements such as a field of gold and around a blazon has silver embroidery with eight shields of azure and a diagonal line of gold.

a coat of arms that represents a surname is an emblem used in Europe, after the arrival of surnames from that region to Mexico they also became a distinctive sign to represent the name of the family and its origin.

At that time it was very common for them to have coats of arms, these signs represented the armories of a person; his nobility in the Middle Ages during battles it was very common for families to carry shields.

The importance of a family shield during that period it was to represent the social class of a family to distinguish it within society.


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