Walter Ayala and his picturesque phrases before Congress: “If they already made me guilty, why do they summon me?”

Walter Ayala, Minister of Defense.
Walter Ayala, Minister of Defense, appeared this Friday, November 12, before the National Defense Commission of the Congress to offer his defense before the accusation that involves him in the irregular promotions within the Armed Forces.

In his interventions, Ayala made it clear that he had anticipated the criticism against him and that he left his position at the disposal of the president Pedro Castillo as it is considered free of dust and chaff.

He even made fun of the parliamentarians for not giving him the presumption of innocence and condemning him, for what he said “If they already made me guilty, why do they summon me?”

“No one is exempt from constitutional control, not the president, not the Parliament (…). We are all bound by due process. I have listened to many people who have already condemned me. They have said that this man must go. Where was the presumption of innocence? Where was the due process? Moreover, this process can be declared void, because they have already advanced an opinion. If they already made me guilty, why do they summon me “, he asserted.

But the last sentence was not the only challenging comment he made before the Congress of the Republic. In another of his speeches, Walter Ayala commented that, if he felt guilty about the accusations against him, “I would have left a long time ago” of the Ministry of Defence.

“It is a political noise, what I ask is to respect the rule of law and due process. If I felt guilty, I would have left a long time ago, I have a clear conscience, there is evidence. The Public Ministry is already investigating, and the Public Ministry, as the champion of justice, is deciding. But, we are not going to stain honor because two people do not want to leave office, nobody is safe here “, he asserted.


Walter Ayala is already accustomed to public opinion to this type of statement since he was accused of interfering in the promotion of officers in the Armed Forces.

“Until now I continue in the position […] Yesterday I made my position available, if I am here now it is because I have a clear conscience, “said Walter Ayala, in a brief dialogue with the press.

Likewise, also before Congress, the Defense Minister threatened to denounce the former military commanders who accused him of influence peddling, and ratified that he has the confidence of Pedro Castillo.

“I am fresher than a lettuce, whatever comes,” he said before the National Defense commission.


The congressman Jorge Montoya staged a strong altercation with the Minister of Defense, Walter Ayala, during the session of the Defense Commission of the Congress of the Republic.

The head of Defense accused Montoya of having advanced an opinion on his management; However, the legislator replied that they are in a political forum and that Ayala must accept all opinions and questions that are asked, but the minister said that he will raise a “challenge” against the congressman, a figure that does not exist in these commissions of the parliament.

“(The minister) has launched a veiled threat that this process may be declared invalid due to advance opinion. I wanted to explain to him that the minister must understand that he is in a political chamber, it is not a jurisdictional chamber. He is a lawyer and knows the differences perfectly. Here we give political opinions and political opinions have no limits, so my opinions that the minister should step aside are still valid and do not alter any process because we are in a political chamber “, indicated Montoya.

To which the minister replied: “Nobody is above the Constitution. If the congressman Montoya He has already set his position and I am filing an appeal against the admiral because I believe that he already has a defined position and it will be useless for me to defend myself ”.


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