Union denounces shortage of masks and gloves in Venezuelan hospitals

Medical personnel at the Ana Francisca Pérez de León II Hospital, in Caracas (Venezuela), in a file photo. EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez

Caracas, Nov 13 (EFE) .- The Venezuelan union Monitor Salud denounced this Saturday that in the emergencies of public hospitals in Venezuela there is a shortage of 40% in masks and 46% in gloves, two essential elements for health personnel that has been affected by the economic and health crisis in the country.
“In emergencies, masks are scarce in 40% and in 54% they are insufficient. It is declared that there are no gloves in 46% and that they are insufficient in 49%. Regarding eye / face protection, there are none in 61 % “, indicated in a press release the union that carries out surveillance in 69 hospitals in the country.
Monitor Salud has denounced on multiple occasions the difficulties faced by health personnel in Venezuela, amid the shortage of essential medical supplies and equipment failures.
The union also indicated that in 82% of the centers it monitors, the reuse of masks is practiced, something that, he said, affects the “integrity of health personnel and patients who come to hospitals.”
In this sense, it warns that “reusing the mask is not a cost-saving practice, on the contrary, it contravenes international norms and compromises the well-being of those who suffer it in the first person.”
Likewise, he denounced that 26 morgues of the nation’s hospitals had some type of “operational problems”, although he did not specify which ones.
Health workers in Venezuela have been demanding for years that the Government provide hospitals with essential medical supplies and attend to faults in hospitals.
The situation worsened with the arrival of the covid-19 to the country since they do not have, according to what they say, adequate equipment to protect themselves from the virus that accumulated 417,998 cases and 5,010 deaths until Friday.


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