This is how the General Budget of the Nation was distributed in 2022: Education takes most of it

Archive photograph of the Colombian president, Iván Duque. EFE / Adriana Thomasa

This Friday, President Iván Duque signed and sanctioned the General Budget Law of the Nation together with the article that modifies the guarantee law, despite the decision of a judge this week who ordered him not to endorse it. The president assured that this budget “prioritizes the allocation of resources in social care to the vulnerable population.”

After being processed in Congress, the charges within the money for 2022 in Colombia were like this: education takes 49.4 billion pesos, followed by Defense and Police with 42.6 billion. In third place health with 41.9 billion; work with 34.7 billion; Hacienda will have 24.3 billion pesos and inclusion and reconciliation will have 23.2 billion pesos. Duque celebrated that the investment amount reaches 69.6 billion in all sectors.

The Minister of Finance, José Manuel Restrepo pointed out that the budget will serve to grow economically more than 4%. The sources of financing are taxes, fees, fines, penalties, among others.

In the discussion of the project, the idea of ​​the ‘express transfer’ of private entities to Colpensiones was considered, however, this point collapsed. The initiative, which allowed for men over 52 years of age and women over 47 years of age to change from a private fund to Colpensiones as long as they have a minimum of 750 weeks of contributions in the public system, did not pass the debate in the Senate Plenary during the final discussions for the approval of the General Budget of the Nation 2022.

The impact on the Treasury of the Nation amounted to 3.8 trillion pesos and benefited 19,000 people. Since taking his first step in joint commissions, the ‘express transfers’ They motivated the rejection of pension funds and voices in civil society for altering the Colombian system.

He was the representative of the Democratic Center, Gabriel Santos, who promoted the collapse of the controversial article 104 when filing a proposal that was accepted by the banks.

Law of guarantees

This Friday, in an interview with RCN Noticias, Duque referred to the ruling of the Third Administrative Court of the Bogotá Circuit that ordered the Executive to refrain from applying the modification of the Law of Guarantees.

For the president, a judge cannot order the president of the Republic what to object, “That would be violating the Colombian Constitution. We sign the law and we sign it with that article “. But he did make it clear that the corresponding judicial process will be advanced.

“Obviously, all the corresponding judicial process will be carried out in the debate on that article,” confirmed the president, who has already argued that he promoted the amendment to the Guarantees Law so that mayors and governors can execute some government plans that were truncated for quarantines and the pandemic.

For his part, Senator Roy Barreras has already filed a lawsuit. “Immediately when the law is sanctioned, the Constitutional Court must begin to hear the UNCONSTITUTIONAL DEMAND THAT I HAVE FILED. The law will fall. I warn mayors and governors that they cannot hire without a guarantee law until the Court decides my claim, “he said.

Representative Mauricio Toro also announced lawsuits and clarified that the judge ordered the suspension of the application of the law, but nowhere did he order the suspension of the signing of the law. The president had to object or sign, and chose to do the latter. “If you sign, we can proceed to file the claims of unconstitutionality before the Court”the representative explained.


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