They find a young Syrian dead on the border between Poland and Belarus

The body of a young Syrian was found dead near the Belarusian-Polish border, Polish police said on Saturday.

“The body of a young man of Syrian nationality was discovered yesterday, in the forest, near Wolka Terechowska,” says the police statement from the Podlasie region (in the east).

“The causes of death could not be determined in the same place,” adds the text.

This death would bring to 11 the number of fatalities of the migration crisis on the border between the European Union and Belarus, according to media estimates.

Police also reported that, in the same region, “a hundred” people tried to cross the border again irregularly during the night.

“When they saw the policemen and the soldiers, the people who were on the Belarusian side fled into the forest,” the police said.

For their part, the Polish border guards mentioned the involvement of the Belarusian forces in the destruction of barbed wire.

“At night, Belarusian soldiers tried to destroy the temporary border barrier. They were removing poles and destroying the barbed wire with the help of a vehicle. The Polish forces were blinded with laser beams and stroboscopic effects,” according to a message from border guards in Twitter

Thousands of migrants, mostly from Africa and the Middle East, have crossed or tried to cross the Belarusian border into Lithuania, Poland or Latvia in recent months.

The European Union accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of deliberately provoking this migration in response to economic sanctions against the repression of the opposition in his country.

Some migrants reported that the Belarusian forces force them to cross the border, but that the Polish border guards return them, leaving them blocked at the border in increasingly difficult weather conditions.


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