The moving farewell of the famous to Mariana Prommel on social networks

Mariana Prommel died at age 53

The departure of Mariana Prommel shocked the art scene. The 53-year-old actress had a long career in the profession, standing out mainly in theater and television, Since her first weapons in the mythical Parakultural until his participation in prime time strips, such as Los Roldán, Summer of ’98 or The successful Pells, Mariana made her laugh, she made herself love and today she made her cry.

The sad news of his death was released by his family on Friday afternoon, and as it spread on the networks, he began to receive the affection of those who had been his co-workers and the admiration of those anonymous who fell in love of his characters and made it part of his life.

One of the most moving was Carla Peterson, his partner in The successful Pells, but with whom he had a relationship that dated from long before the general public discovered it. For example, they shared the clip of the hit “Desfachatados” by Babasónicos and the play Who is Janet, in a threesome with Claudia Fontán and with whom they were awarded the ACE Award for the best humor show. And in the memory of this piece the blonde was inspired to flood her Instagram feed with images.

Carla Peterson - Mariana Prommel
Carla Peterson’s moving farewell to Mariana Prommel

“You were always a star, you came down to bring us joy. You made us cry with laughter, now we are crying because we are left without the hope of seeing you again and I cannot hug you, my friend of my soul, “wrote Peterson in his moving farewell letter, and gave him all his admiration for having shared the stage . “When we did that play, I couldn’t believe that I was next to such an actress. I learned a lot from you, I carry you in my heart eternally. How lucky I was in this life. I adore you eternal and enormous Mariana Prommel ”, closed Carla. For her part, the Gunda opted for a beautiful image in Polaroid mode and a heart to immortalize her friend and partner.

Carla Peterson - Mariana Prommel
Carla Peterson and Mariana Prommel in the play Who is Janet (Instagram)
Mariana Prommel
The retro image of Claudia Fontán with Mariana Prommel

Meanwhile, the Instagram profile in which the actress showed her facet as a plastic artist and where her family gave the sad death of her, remained active. As if it were a virtual burning chapel, the family replicated the tributes that came from the artistic environment and also from anonymous fans, such as fanandrebonelli and who remembered her with three of her most popular characters: the Norita from Summer of ’98, the Dulcinea de The Roldan and the Flora of The successful Pells.

Celebrities fire Mariana Prommel

In his Instagram stories, the greetings of colleagues from so many years of profession multiplied. The actress Graciela Tenenbaum He thanked him “for so many years shared” and replicated an image showing one of the individual Mariana made. Director Javier Van de Couter showed a beautiful photo next to her, Viviana Puerta chose a snapshot of pure laughter and Nicolas Scarpino opted for a more solemn style. In each case, the images conveyed love and admiration.

Celebrities fire Mariana Prommel
Celebrities fired Mariana Prommel

Who was also very hurt by the departure of Mariana was the theater director Jose Maria Muscari, who had worked with the actress on the play Failed, and also in one of his last performances as part of the cast of the successful reversal of Bernarda Alba’s house. In this sense, he decided to honor her with some photos of the fictions where they shared long hours of rehearsals:

Mariana Prommel
Muscari, de Brito and Breitman remembered the actress on Twitter

I’m going to remind you, working together, being happy, laughing and you always acting, that it was your magic. Kisses to heaven, where you already belong“The director wrote on his Twitter account along with some images in which they shared their work. The journalist also remembered her there Angel de Brito and the actor Dan Breitman, between a long and respectful goodbye list.

As mentioned by her family in the text in which she announced her death, Mariana She was a great defender of animal rights, and she used to be accompanied by her five dogs, whom he defined as the “most loyal beings in the world.” And protectionist entities, such as Libera, also made a virtual presence for a last goodbye and highlight their fight for the cause they consider to be the most just.

Celebrities fire Mariana Prommel
Protectionism and theater, two of his great passions (Instagram)

Celebrities fire Mariana Prommel
More tributes to Mariana Prommel on Instagram


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