“The fans can’t hug me or dance with me”: Silvestre Dangond on controversial video with unknown woman

Silvestre Dangond has become the protagonist of the national entertainment news in recent days, a recent video in which he is seen ‘badly parked’ and very affectionate with a woman who is not his wife has generated all kinds of speculation. In addition, some trills of the singer generate speculation about a possible separation.

Currently, the Vallenato artist is performing live throughout the European continent with his tour ‘Las Locuras Mías’. Well, it seems that In his most recent concert, in Paris, Dangond spoke about this video and he launched a few taunts at those who criticize him.

In a video shared by the page La Casa del Vallenato, on Facebook, it is evident that, in the middle of his presentation, the artist from Urumita addresses a few words to his followers.

“I am very loaded, I need to evacuate. Next time I’ll bring my wife “, the singer began by saying and then added: “Because the fans can’t hug me or dance with me because right away they are my women.”

And he continued talking about it, pointing out that “we are corronchos, how do we stop them from talking around?”

He also made direct reference to what had happened with the other woman for whom the controversy was generated and pointed out that in that concert he would also approach his fans. “Today I am going to let myself be hugged and I am going to let them stick my head here – pointing to his neck – of the fans who want to see what they are going to come out with.”

The comment generated a great shout from his fans, who responded to the artist’s words with laughter and whistles.

“A lot of sissy *, I could not let myself be hugged or kissed … Aha, and then what do you want, for a man to hug me? “ Dangond pointed out, unleashing the laughter of his sylvestrists; however, afterwards he said “well if you want to hug me you have to leave them too.”

Finally, the artist concluded by saying that “because at the end of the story I speak to make people laugh … but at the end of the story, when one wants and admires, I receive all your affection.”

With this, the artist would make it clear that the woman in the video is a fanatic and that her marriage to Pieri Avendano, to whom he has been engaged for ten years, is not in danger. Even with the rumors that have emerged from his own social media posts.

The first trill was performed on November 3, and wrote “Let me live tangled up, please let’s try!” That message did not cause a major stir among the two million people who follow the singer on that social network. However, when analyzing the others, people are pointing out that everything seems to be a message from the artist for a bad time that he is going through.

On November 4, Silvestre was much clearer and trilled When you stop admiring the relationship is over!, a publication that did have a high impact among his ‘Silvestrismo’, as his fans are called. With this comment, it became suspected that Dangond’s marriage is about to end or is already over.

The controversial video that goes around social networks and in which He is very close to a young woman whose identity is unknown until now, when he shared at a party that would have been held in Madrid (Spain), where he was traveling these days.

The images even reveal the moment when the interpreter of ‘Las locuras mías’ he approaches the young woman and, apparently, kisses her on the neck, which was described by many as a clear sign of flirtation between the two. While other reactions to the controversial recording even rumored what may have happened after the event.

It is key to clarify that although the young woman in the video is a mystery to many, everything indicates that it is not the first time in which they meet to share together, because according to the description that she added to her publications, it was all about a reunion.

“How about meeting again here (…) This is joy”, was the text with which this woman published the recordings on her Instagram account.


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