The best memes of Argentina-Uruguay: from Messi’s substitution to Di María’s great goal

Messi was a substitute against Uruguay and entered a few minutes at the end of the game (Photo: Reuters)

It had been the central theme of the previous days and logically it was the main focus of the party. Lionel Messi finally started the match against Uruguay on the substitute bench as a result of knee problems that had already marginalized him from the last presentations at PSG and that put him in doubt for this game in Montevideo.

The captain entered when there were a few minutes left for the closing of the duel in the Champion of the Century Stadium but even with that low participation, it was enough to become a trend in social networks. The classics memes They appeared as a regular company for this Qualifying event and Leo was among the most talked about last names due to the rarity of seeing him between the relays. It should be noted that according to the statistics he shared ESPN is the 100 times that he enters a game from the bench throughout his long career.

“He always wants to be, he is an animal training. But since it wasn’t 100%, he decided not to force it and that’s fine with me “, valued the Dibu Martínez the effort made by the captain to try to be part of the clash against the Charruas. Previously, Fabián Ayala – Lionel Scaloni’s field assistant – explained why he was marginalized from the headlines: “He talked about it with the coach, they talked about it and it stayed that way. There are things ahead that are played on a personal level and also in the National Team “.

However, fans of the albiceleste they also pointed out in the great goal scored by Ángel Di María and in the solid returns from Holiday Rosemary and Dibu Martínez.

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