“She is no longer going to wake up”: Carmen Salinas suffered irreversible damage from her stroke

Carmen Salinas told what she had to do to prevent her baby from being taken from her (Photo: Instagram / @ carmensalinas_56)

Carmen Salinas would have suffered irreversible brain damage, according to the most recent information given by Jorge Nieto, godson and friend of the veteran actress and impersonator.

And it is that after the cerebrovascular accident suffered by the also theatrical producer on Wednesday night, the consequences on his health would be definitive:

“There were three neurologists who visited Carmen and all agree that the spill caused irreversible damage. What they are telling us is that he is not going to wake up, but we are waiting for a miracle, anything could happen, ”Nieto told journalist Azucena Uresti.

“The most important function, the awakening, the one who becomes aware, is the most damaged, it will no longer wake up, it is what they are informing us”

Nieto assured that Carmelita will not come out of the coma in which it is derived from the stroke suffered due to the hypertension that the actress has suffered for a long time, after the death of her son, Pedro Plasencia: “Hypertension is the cause that caused the stroke”

He also said that it is risky to say a date on which an improvement in the health of the emblematic artist could occur, so they would only be waiting for “a miracle.”

The specialists have told us that he is no longer going to wake up. It is inoperable, where it was the affectation cannot be operated. Miracles exist, I am a man of faith, she is … we hope for a miracle. It is unpredictable to say a date when an improvement could be noticed. Her organs are working normally, she is breathing, ”he said.

Nieto added that the probe that was placed on the actress was full, which indicates that her organs are in perfect condition.

“Carmen continues under medical surveillance. That he breathes on his own makes the issue of the spill weird. ”

The actress’s godson agreed with the granddaughter, as both declared that Carmen does not like to talk about death, so it is a subject that she avoids all the time, however, she did reveal where she would like her remains to rest:

” She never spoke of her last will, she did not speak of death. She has always wanted to rest next to her son Pedro Plascencia in the Spanish Pantheon ”, he declared.

Gustavo Briones, nephew and personal assistant of the actress was the one who requested the ambulance and was in charge of the internment of Salinas Photo: Screenshot
Gustavo Briones, nephew and personal assistant of the actress was the one who requested the ambulance and was in charge of the internment of Salinas Photo: Screenshot

After his hospitalization, the family disclosed that the actress would be submitted to the second opinion of an independent neurologist to the hospital where she is admitted. Doctors agree that in the place where the spill occurred, in the stem, it is not an operable area.

” He is very, very serious, but stable. He cannot return from the coma, ” said his nephew and assistant Gustavo Briones for the program Today. “Another specialist arrived and agrees with the diagnosis, it is inoperable,” he said.

On November 10, Carmelita Salinas was resting at home after working on the recordings of My fortune is to love you telenovela where he plays “Doña Magos”. The actress had dinner and was watching her novel when, around 10 at night, she felt bad and passed out.

From that moment until now, the native of Torreón, Coahuila is hospitalized submerged in a coma caused by a stroke. His daughter María Eugenia, his granddaughter Carmen Plascencia and his nephew Gustavo Briones, have remained at the foot of the canyon before any change in the health of the actress.

In the early hours of this Friday, Gustavo Briones explained that for many years his aunt has been taking medication to control her blood pressure and took advantage of Hoy’s cameras to deny that the well-known producer of Aventurera is intubated, as speculated on the internet, because they really only have ventilation with a ventilator.

Everything remains the same. The last report they gave us is that he was very serious and is stable. His vital signs are normal, the only thing is that he cannot return from the coma”Declared Briones.

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