Outrage over subject who violently beat a horse in Magangué, Bolívar

A new case of animal abuse was registered in Magangué, Bolívar. A man was detained by the authorities after severely hitting a horse in the middle of a public road. The equine was used as a means of animal traction.

Mercilessly, this was the aggression of a man on a horse in the municipality of Bolívar. The abuse scene It was recorded in a video that went viral on social networks. Outraged, Internet users rejected such acts against animals.

In the images you can see the moment when the man begins to hit the horse with a whip. The animal was anchored to a cart apparently driven by the subject. According to the authorities, the equine could not move a heavy load and was therefore attacked.

The beating was so severe that the horse moved and raised its front legs, as if wanting to avoid the whipping. Upon seeing the unfortunate scene, the community began to yell at the subject to stop mistreating the equine.

One of the citizens who was passing through the place even approached the abuser very upset, claimed him and managed to push him.

The Bolívar Police command reported that they captured the subject who was “caught in flagrante delicto in the Córdoba neighborhood, in the Magangué municipality, mistreating a horse that was used as a means of animal traction.”

“The offender tried to force this animal to carry a large amount of cargo on a cart. As the horse refused due to fatigue, he began to mistreat it, ”explained Colonel Tahir Suzeth Rivera Suescún, commander of the Bolívar Police.

Likewise, he reported that thanks to the timely call of the community and the prompt reaction of the patrols and the Environmental Protection Group, it was possible to arrest the citizen who was mistreating the horse.

“The captured was at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office and in the last hours a judge of the republic will resolve his judicial situation,” added Colonel Tahir Suzeth Rivera.

In addition, he reported that the equine was under the protection of the Mayor of Magangué. The territorial authority will be in charge of managing the assessment by a veterinarian and establishing the health conditions of the horse.

Legal consequences of animal abuse in Colombia

Animals, whether domestic or wild, are subject to violations of their rights in Colombia. Faced with this, those who perpetrate these attacks are subjected by the Attorney General’s Office to multiple legal consequences that discourage the practice.

Law 1774 of January 6, 2016 seeks to guarantee that the attitude between humans and animals is based on the “respect, solidarity, compassion, ethics, justice, care, the prevention of suffering, in the eradication of captivity and abandonment ”.

According to article 4 of the law, those who commit harmful acts that do not cause death or injury to the health and physical integrity of the animals will be sanctioned with a fine of 5 to 50 monthly legal minimum wages in force. As of today, the figure ranges from 4,542,630 pesos to 45,426,300 pesos.

On the other hand, those who cause death or injuries that seriously impair their health or physical integrity of the animal may face prison terms between 12 and 36 months. In addition, they would face a special disability of one to three years for the exercise of profession, trade, trade or possession related to animals.


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