Magaly Medina to Shirley Arica for being a finalist in The Power of Love: “You have them eating out of your hand”

Magaly praised the Peruvian model. (Photo: Instagram)

Shirley Arica He has been in Turkey for more than three months participating in the reality show El Poder del Amor, where he has captivated Peruvian and worldwide fans. The Peruvian is about to win the $ 15,000 prize.

After seeing the great reception she has had abroad, Magaly Medina congratulated her on her program for becoming one of the favorites, despite the constant altercations she has with her other colleagues.

“It is that your colleagues in reality did not know that you have been trained in Chollywood, in Chollywood you have to be very brave to survive”he told her during a live video call link.

I believe that they have not even reached your heels, because you are spilling smoothness like the cinnamon flower, every day. You have them eating out of your handshe added proudly.

Shirley Arica replied that she lives up to her nickname ‘The reality girl’, as she is known in Peru. “I feel super authentic, real, I am a person who is not going to pretend something that he does not feel. What you see is what is available”, I consider.

In addition, she expressed feeling very happy for the support of the entire Peruvian public, who vote for her every week to be the favorite participant.

“I am quite happy for the support of the public, I never imagined so much reception, I have never really received so much love, not even in Peru, but here I am doing very well and we are in the final stretch. I am one of the finalists to be able to win the award “, Held.

In case of becoming the winner, The model explained that she will invest 15 thousand dollars in a business to give her daughter a better future. “As many of you will know, I am mom and dad. To be able to win the award would be the best ”he added.


Shirley Arica was consulted about her current relationship with the Colombian Sebastian Tamayo. Both confessed in the program that they liked each other and that they wanted to formalize in the future; however, from chapter 72 the romance went downhill.

“I am not with him, we have had several pebbles. There have been mutual disrespects, not only on my part. I do not answer crazy, but there is a prior to this. Now we are friends, we have a cordial relationship because we live together “, he detailed.

To Magaly’s surprise, Shirley confessed that she still liked him. “There is a lot of affinity, there is too much chemistry between us. I’m not going to tell you that I don’t like it, because I love it “, said. However, Arica clarified that she is not willing to tolerate bad behavior on his part, so she now keeps her distance.


On October 27, the Turkish reality show The Power of Love issued some images where Sebastián Tamayo is seen confronting Shirley Arica for ending the “relationship” they had.

Sebastián assured that both he and she no longer understood each other, while the model denied this version and implied that the Colombian began to have an approach with Jessica Stonem, another of the participants. The Mexican, in turn, denied being the cause of the breakup of Sebastián and Shirley

“You come here to blame me for the problem, and leave it as if you were the victim and it is not,” said Shirley, getting the anger of Sebastian, who immediately replied: “I got tired of you sending me to shit. ***. That’s the kind of woman you are, (…) I’ve had a lot of patience with you, a lot. All of Latin America knows the kind of rude you are; Everybody knows. Don’t come to invent fags for me “, he said angrily.

Given this, the driver Vanessa Claudio had to intervene and ask them to measure their words. “If they demand respect, give it too. Set the example. They can get to the same point without using rude words. “, said.

After this discussion, the networks did not take long to explode and criticism was directed towards the Colombian, questioning his lack of chivalry.


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