Joventut get the victory against Casademont Zaragoza 84-78

The Youth took the victory at home against Casademont Zaragoza 84-78 in the tenth round of the ACB League. The locals come from suffering a defeat away from home with him Valencia Basket 71-70, while the visitors won at home against the Coosur Real Betis by 82-72. With this result, the Youth is in sixth place and accumulates six victories in 10 games played, while the Casademont Zaragoza he remains in eleventh position with four victories in 10 games played.

During the first quarter there were several changes of leader on the scoreboard until ending with a result of 20-17. Later, the second quarter again had several changes of leader in the light until finishing with a partial result of 15-18. After this, the players came to rest with a 35-35 on the counter.

The third quarter again featured both contenders, with various movements on the scoreboard, which ended with a partial result of 20-17 (and a 55-52 total). Finally, during the last quarter the Youth he distanced himself on the scoreboard, went on to win by eight points (70-62), and the fourth ended with a partial result of 29-26. After all this, the match concluded with a final result of 84-78 for the locals.

The triumph of Youth was due in part thanks to 24 points, two assists and four rebounds from Ante Tomic and the 14 points, four assists and two rebounds of Pau Ribas. The 20 points, an assist and two rebounds of Adam Waczynski and the 15 points, an assist and six rebounds of Dino Radoncic were not enough for the Casademont Zaragoza won the game.

After achieving victory, the next clash of the Youth it will be against him Breogán at Pazo Provincial Dos Deportes, while the next adversary of the Casademont Zaragoza will be the Monbus Workshop, with which you will see the faces in the Multipurpose Pavilion Fontes Do Sar.

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