Janne Andersson: “It was hard to lose on Thursday but we have already left it behind”

Swedish coach Janne Andersson (r) offers a press conference this Saturday at the Cartuja stadium in Seville, before tomorrow’s match against Spain. EFE / Julio Muñoz

Seville, Nov 13 (EFE) .- The Swedish coach, Janne Andersson, declared this Saturday at a press conference that “the defeat” on Thursday in Georgia “was a hard disappointment but you have to start from scratch” to try to be at the World Cup in Qatar, a goal that makes it “easy to leave the malaise behind.”
Andersson claimed to have “a plan to win” a Spain that “tends to have a lot of the ball”, so its players must “be very united.” He warned that “if the draw were worth it, he would face the game in the same way, although” he has worked “with different scenarios for” tomorrow’s meeting “.
The Scandinavian coach believes that he leads a “strong group that knows how to encourage itself” thanks to “the ability to leave behind what happened in other games”, so he is “clear that there will be options” to win the game. that Sweden will have to “seize the opportunities” that come their way, “just like in the home game”.
Andersson does not see himself, therefore, “defeated in advance. The idea is to win”, although he knows that “in the worst case, there will still be a second option to go to the World Cup”, but he has not yet put himself in that position. because he has “confidence” in his team’s ability to “threaten any rival.”
“I have decided the line-up, no one was injured in the last training session, but I do not want to reveal if Ibrahimovic will play the 90 minutes or not. He is here because he wants to give the maximum to his team,” concluded the Sweden coach.


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